Monday, December 12, 2011

“How DARE You!”

by Dr. Daniel Shaye, Chiropractic Physician

“To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle. -The Dalai Lama

"How DARE you!”

It’s a powerful phrase, full of emotion, evoking higher powers, suggesting that what you have done shakes the very foundations of all.

Do you dare?

I recall once, at a party, someone who openly scorned athletic endeavors as a colossal waste of time.  To this person, the countless hours were a waste, self-absorbed, producing no value for society or for anyone.  I did not openly disagree with her, as her mind was made up;  yet now, I wish I had.  In an activity, in a quest, lies  beauty and joy — and even performance art.  I like that, Life as Performance Art.

I recall seeing/hearing Gloria Estefan perform “Reach” at the Atlanta Olympics.  Her voice was so powerful, and her spirit and words so completely committed to the spirit of the games, to the best there is… I recall the tears streaming down my face as her words called to me.  They still do.

Sometimes I think striving for greatness, for achievement, is a young man or young woman’s game.  The body’s ageing, and it won’t do what it once did.  Then I see what top masters athletes are achieving, and I begin to wonder what still lives in me… and I feel the exact same drive I did at age 23, at my athletic peak, anything possible.

I wonder if nothing has changed.  Truly, at times I’m certain of it.

Perhaps someday soon I’ll expound on the latest research supporting the physical benefits of exercise to stave off joint diseases, mental decline, diseases of the blood vessels, dysfunction of lungs, lapses of the immune system.  But for me, and for many of us, fitness, athletics, and especially running are more than that.  They are a call to the best within each of us… and it doesn’t matter what age you are.

When we dare to explore our limits—whether they be in athletics, or in love, in academia or in a profession—we risk much.  We risk suffering.   We risk finding out that our limits, our very selves, are different than we expected.   We risk a deep attachment to an activity, to an identity, to our own bodies, or to another… and what we are attached to, we tend to prize… and can lose.  Yet there’s a joy not just in the journey, but in touching—even for a moment—the limits of our potential, a sort of “rare air” that is so sweet and otherworldly yet so much our home.  We see it, and we celebrate it, in the college or high school athlete who hits that finish line with his arms thrust to the skies, completely spent, yet coming home to a moment that if he could bottle it, he could live off it indefinitely.  We saw it in Deena Kastor’s face as she came down the final 100 meters of the Olympic 2004 Olympic marathon, her face crumbling in joy and wonder as she realized that a medal was hers.  And we too feel it as we round that final turn, our eyes rising up to look at that clock, calling us home, asking us, “Do you truly want this?  Really?  Are you willing to pay for it?  Show me.”

Go for it, my friends.

I dare you.

I'll see you on the roads and trails, my friends.

-Dr. Daniel A. Shaye

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture

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Athlete Profile: Jennifer Quarles

by Daniel Shaye, DC

Author’s note:  I recently decided to interview some “stars” of local running, so that I might share what I learn a bit from them, and to share that with our fellow runners.  This month, I’ve interviewed 6-time CRR Grand Prix Champion  (and soon-to-be Master) Jen Quarles.  Enjoy. 

RD (Running Dog):  What's the best performance you've had in the past 3 years (distance & time)?
JQ:  5K 18:40 (Gov. Land), 10K 39:59 (Warhill) both in 2011

RD:  What excites and motivates you to train? To race?
JQ:  Setting PR's (recent PR's) and winning both motivate me

RD:  How many miles per week do you typically run?
JQ:  Ranging from 50-65 miles on average

RD:  How long was your longest run last year?
JQ:  18 miles

RD:  How many times do you race each year?
JQ:  At least 10 CRR races, usually one or two half marathons a year, and a few others, so around 15.

RD:  Do you do speed work? If so, how often?
JQ:  I do speed work just once a week, either tempo or track.  I used to push for twice weekly speed work, tempo once a week and track once a week. I prefer track for speed work so try to get that in if I'm only doing speed work once that week. And I consider running a 5K speed work too so I may skip track the week of a race.

RD:  Do you work on your form?
JQ:  Nope.

RD:  Do you take a rest day (day off from running) each week?
JQ:  I usually take one day off per week. And I'm not very good at doing nothing, or sitting still really, so I'm usually active one way or another =)

RD:  Do you stretch? Do you feel it makes a difference, one way or another?
JQ:  I stretch very infrequently. I wish I could fit it into my schedule but historically I’ve run until 7am and then as soon as I get home I start getting ready for work and getting the kiddos ready for school. I know that my lower body is tight because I don't stretch and would benefit from it greatly. I also know it would help me during races.  In recent months I’ve been getting up at 5am.  I had been running from 5:30 – 7 many mornings but was just getting too tired.  I’m feeling better now that I’ve cut back some.

RD:  Do you lift weights (resistance exercise)?  Do you ever do resistance training for your legs, or just upper body/core?

JQ:  I lift 15lb. handweights at home 2x/week for upper body and also do ab exercises.
RD:  Do you cross train?
JQ:  I try to cross train once or twice a week. I walk very often (around town with the family and dog and hike on Matoaka trails) and sometimes do the elliptical machine. I ride bikes with the kids in the summer and nice weather. I also do a lot of yard work and working in our garden.

RD:  Do you train solo, or with others?
JQ:  I do most of my training with others. I like to talk and be entertained during my runs, which takes my mind off the actual running if we're pushing the pace. My favorite training partners are those who are faster and push me in my training. I run with Paul Freiling fairly often and do some long training runs with Greg Dawson. They are both faster and have had a positive effect on my training in that they'll push the pace on our runs which will ultimately make me faster. I've recently started running with my iPod during solo runs and I find that the music helps me push the pace as well.

RD:  How important is sleep/rest to your routine?  Do you nap?
JQ:  I need my sleep!  I do not nap but go to bed fairly early most nights (between 9 and 10) and am up by 4:45am most mornings.

RD:  What action do you take when you feel a soreness or impending injury?
JQ:  Mmmm....what do I actually do or what should I do?? =) I try to take time off but that's hard. Ice, ibuprofen, stretching if it doesn't feel too badly. But I do take time off if I can tell it's something serious.

RD:  Have you been injured (unable to run) in the past year?
JQ:  Knock on wood - not in the last year!

RD:  What's the worst/most embarrassing mistake or error you've made before, during, or after a race?
JQ:  Not embarrassing, but the worst mistake I make during races is going out too fast. I've been working on starting slower this year during races.

RD:  Do you set goals for the year? How do you set goals?
JQ:  I usually set one or two goals for the year. I determine where I am currently in my training and racing and then set a goal to better my time(s) in a certain distance(s). Goals will help me get out of bed when I'm extra tired in the morning and also help me to train harder when I feel like slacking off.

RD:  What's the single greatest thing holding you back from the next level of fitness/competition?
JQ:  My very busy schedule (spending time with my family, work, running kids to and fro, social activities, travel, etc).  That being said, I wouldn't give any of it up to get to that next level of fitness as it's all such an important part of my life, which I love!  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Records Set Today at Governor's Land

by Rick Platt

We had a spectacular day of racing this morning, great competition, under ideal weather conditions, temperatures in the 40s at race time, sunny skies, and little wind.
Highlights included:
1) Virginia state records and all-time Colonial Road Runners records by Joan Coven (women 70-74) and Tami Graf (women 75-79). Details below.
2) Near all-time CRR records by Pamela Lovett (women 45-49) and Barbara Mathewson (women 60-64), within seconds of the current records, and an excellent time by Mercedes Castillo-D'Amico (women 50-54).
3) A first time under the 16-minute barrier for a road race by race winner, Kurtis Steck, Lafayette High School's star cross country runner, who was timed in 15:55, to narrowly win over two established 20+ runners.
4) An 18:06 by women's winner, Karen Terry of Newport News, and an 18:40 by 6-time CRR Grand Prix champion, Jennifer Quarles of Williamsburg. The two are vying for the 2011 CRR Grand Prix title.
The totally flat and fast Governor's Land 5K course has more all-time CRR age-group records than any other CRR race, and today continued that tradition.

Governor’s Land 5K Run for the Brain
Park East, Governor’s Land, Williamsburg, Virginia
Saturday, November 19, 2011
A Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix Event
Information from Rick Platt (757-229-7375,

Certified course VA-07030-RT (eligible for Virginia state records)

228 finishers in 5K run/walk.

** Age group record (5-year age groups)

Men Overall
1. Kurtis Steck, 16                               Williamsburg                             15:55
2. Joey Wingo, 23                                Mechanicsville                          16:01
3. Trevor Cable, 28                              Williamsburg                             16:07

Women Overall
**1. Karen Terry, 22                           Newport News                         18:06
2. Jennifer Quarles, 39                          Williamsburg                             18:40
**3. Pamela Lovett, 49                        Newport News                         19:25

First Governor’s Land Resident Male
1. Ted Holstrom, 38                             Williamsburg                             19:52

First Governor’s Land Resident Female
1. Sherry Volk, 50                                Williamsburg                             23:41

Men 14-and-under
1. Konrad Steck, 12                             Williamsburg                             18:26
2. Cameron Wojcieszak, 14                 Williamsburg                             19:31
3. Max Poelker, 14                              Yorktown                                 19:46

Men 15-19
1. Zack Poelker, 18                              Yorktown                                 16:58
2. Jason Menzies, 15                            Williamsburg                             17:09
3. Michael Sonnek, 17                          Williamsburg                             18:24

Men 20-24
1. Josh Schlickenmeyer, 20                   Williamsburg                             16:30
2. Stephen Cavley, 23                          Williamsburg                             36:42

Men 25-29
1. Todd Kessler, 29                             Newport News                         16:54
2. Steven Brewer, 25                            Newport News                         17:57
3. Ryan Doupe, 25                               Newport News                         19:21

Men 30-34
1. Billly Chorey, 30                               Suffolk                                      16:39
2. Anthony Agbay, 32                          Langley AFB                            20:35
3. Jason Miller, 34                                Williamsburg                             21:33

Men 35-39
1. Bryan Dollyhigh, 36                          Toano                                       18:36
2. Richard Barhydt, 37                         Williamsburg                             19:32
3. Ted Holstrom, 38                             Williamsburg                             19:52

Men 40-44
1. Daniel Shaye, 42                              Williamsburg                             17:36
2. Daniel Ballis, 40                                Williamsburg                             19:50
3. Torsten Madsen, 44                         Newton, NJ                              21:52

Men 45-49
1. John Piggott, 46                                Williamsburg                             17:25
2. Steven Menzies, 48                          Williamsburg                             17:30
3. Greg Dawson, 46                             Williamsburg                             17:33

Also notable for men 45-49
4. Sean Killeen, 46                               Richmond                                 18:22
5. Dan Moniak, 47                               Williamsburg                             19:00

Men 50-54
1. Terry McManus, 50                         Williamsburg                             19:20
2. Andrew D’Amico, 51                       Newport News                         20:54
3. Dean Wewetzer, 53                          Newport News                         21:03

Men 55-59
1. Jim Thornton, 57                              Seaford                                    18:13
2. Will Murray, 56                                Williamsburg                             20:07
3. Jim Goggin, 57                                 Williamsburg                             20:44

Men 60-64
1. Rick Platt, 61                                   Williamsburg                             19:43
2. George Carrigan, 63                         Williamsburg                             22:17
3. Ed Irish, 61                                      Williamsburg                             25:16

Men 65-and-over
1. Robert Wright, 70                            Hampton                                  23:15
2. James Borowski, 65                         Williamsburg                             24:45
3. Mark Patterson, 65                          Virginia Beach                          24:57

Men Walk (Awards go 5-deep)
1. Rich Higgins, 58                               Williamsburg                             31:57
2. Jeff Fry, 43                                       Williamsburg                             32:01
3. Bob Curtin, 59                                 Hampton                                  35:18
4. Bill Spaller, 76                                  Williamsburg                             41:59
5. Vijay Singh, 67                                 Williamsburg                             44:00

Women 14-and-under
1. Tanya Hoatson, 14                           Williamsburg                             21:21
2. Meredith Watkins, 14                       Gloucester                                23:46
3. Madison Karnes, 14                         Williamsburg                             23:50

Women 15-19
1. Danielle Holzhauser, 16                    Lanexa                                     24:25
2. Nicole Dubois, 15                            Williamsburg                             26:46
3. MacKenzie Karnes, 16                     Williamsburg                             27:17

Women 20-24
1. Emily Honeycutt, 20                         West Point                                21:26
2. Danielle Jagoda, 23                          Williamsburg                             36:42

Women 25-29
1. Karen Grabowski, 27                       Lanexa                                     23:53
2. Anna Dube, 27                                 Williamsburg                             27:43
3. Kathleen Travis, 27                          Richmond                                 28:23

Women 30-34
1. Kimberly Floyd, 33                          Newport News                         22:35
2. Megan Pickard, 30                           Annandale                                22:45
3. Kelly Canfield, 31                             Williamsburg                             24:17

Women 35-39
1. Jeanette Primich, 35                          Williamsburg                             23:37
2. Susan Findlay, 36                             Williamsburg                             26:06
3. Carey Sprigg, 38                              Williamsburg                             26:48

Women 40-44
1. Suzy Ramirez-Lowe, 44                   Williamsburg                             21:40
2. Amy Speckart, 40                            Williamsburg                             22:30
3. Jennifer Cornette, 40                        Newport News                         25:19

Women 45-49
1. Connie Glueck, 47                            Williamsburg                             19:58
2. Debbie McLaughlin, 46                    Williamsburg                             21:21
3. Sandy Hula, 45                                 Charles City                              26:35

Women 50-54
1. Mercedes Castillo-D’Amico, 54       Newport News                         20:09
2. Sherry Volk, 50                                Williamsburg                             23:41
3. Janice Kailos, 50                              Williamsburg                             26:04

Women 55-59
1. Carol Talley, 57                                Toano                                       22:37
2. Louise Sharer, 59                             Williamsburg                             25:49
3. Gina Hoatson, 55                             Williamsburg                             27:59

Women 60-64
**1. Barbara Mathewson, 62               Virginia Beach                          22:41
2. Brenda Mitchell, 61                          Williamsburg                             27:28
3. Patricia Travis, 60                             Williamsburg                             28:28

Women 65-and-over
**1. Joan Coven, 70                            West Point                                25:17
[Virginia state record for women 70-74, old record 28:09 by Tami Graf, age 70, 10/31/06]
[all-time Colonial Road Runners record for women 70-74, old record 25:42 by Joan Coven, 70, West Point, at 2001 Crapolfest 5K Run on uncertified course]

2. Ann Hirn, 66                                    Portsmouth                               26:33

**3. Tami Graf, 75                               Lusby, MD                               30:15
[Virginia state record for women 75-79, old record 34:26 by Marjorie Mitchell, age 78, 9/18/94; although Graf had two performances this fall that are pending Virginia state records for women 75-79; a 31:20.6, Sept. 10, at the “Arlington 911 5K” in Arlington; and a 30:50, Oct. 30, at the Goblin Gallop 5K in Fair Oaks; both on certified courses]
[all-time Colonial Road Runners record for women 75-79, old record 35:25 by Ann Manciagli, 75, Williamsburg, at 2011 First Colony Run for Shelter 5K

Also notable for women 65-and-over
Pauline Ely, 73                                      Hampton                                  36:11
Ann Manciagli, 75                                Williamsburg                             36:28
**Pat Eden, 80                                    Williamsburg                             49:05

Women Walk (Awards go 5 deep)
1. Robin Land, 50                                Williamsburg                             36:23
2. Sylvia Garcia, 59                              Williamsburg                             36:25
3. Liz Anthony, 48                                Williamsburg                             36:48
4. Dawn Heyse, 36                               Williamsburg                             37:48
5. Kelly Crumpler, 43                           Williamsburg                             39:00

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast Times at Albert-Daly Field in Crapolfest 5K

By Rick Platt

            Barrier-breaking fast times by Jennifer Quarles, Connie Glueck, Daniel Shaye and Joan Coven highlighted the third annual Crapolfest 5K Run October 8th at William and Mary’s Albert-Daly Field. There were 173 finishers in the Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix event organized by the William and Mary men’s soccer program, in memory of Andy Crapol, former Lafayette High and W&M soccer star. Directed by former W&M soccer coach Al Albert, the race benefited the Andrew E. Crapol Soccer Scholarship Fund, which is now over $170,000 in just three years. “Crapolfest has developed into a wonderful way to celebrate Andy’s life and bring together family and friends of Andy and W&M soccer,” said Albert.
            Jennifer Quarles, 39, won the race over Connie Glueck by exactly one minute, 18:49 to 19:49, and broke the previous course record of 19:01 by CRR Grand Prix rival Karen Terry, who set that mark in 2010. It was Quarles’s fastest time in at least two years, her best in 2010 a 19:03 at the First Colony 5K. Quarles commented by email, “Yes, very happy to break 19. Was a goal for this year. I knew the course record was 19:01 so when I went through the first mile sub 6 and felt good I thought I’d try and break it.” Last year Quarles was runner-up to Terry in 19:42, so improved by 53 seconds.
            Elite triathlete Connie Glueck, 47, was equally thrilled with her PR race, breaking 20 minutes for the first time with her 19:49. Deborah McLaughlin, 45, was also impressive with her 21:05 for third place, benefiting from wearing racing flats for the first time.
            The top three women and men were all from Williamsburg. For the men, Daniel Shaye, 42, broke the 17-minute barrier for the first time in years with his 16:58, just five seconds off the course record of 16:53 by Todd Kessler of Newport News at the 2010 race. Greg Dawson, 46, challenged Shaye, but ended up a dozen seconds back in 17:10. Peter Christmas, 22, a 2011 graduate of W&M, was third in 18:12, just ahead of rapidly improving Ryan Doupe, 25, of Newport News (18:14).
            But the most impressive performance of the day came from Joan Coven, 70, of West Point, who broke the all-time Colonial Road Runners record for women 70-74 by just over three minutes. Coven ran a time of 25:42 for the Crapolfest 5K, smashing the previous CRR 70-74 record of 28:44 by Nancy Patron, then 70, at the 2006 Heritage Humane Society 5K at Ford’s Colony. What made Coven’s time even more impressive are the hurdles placed in front of her all year. Her only previous CRR race this year was the Jamestown Swamp Run 5K in March, where she ran 26:05, suffering a rare age-group defeat to Ann Hirn of Portsmouth, 25:41 to 26:05. Coven turned the tables a week later at the Shamrock 8K, winning the 65-69 age group, but then got injured a couple weeks later at the Monument Avenue 10K, where Hirn again prevailed.
            That injury turned out to be a tibial stress fracture, and Coven wore a walking boot from the end of April until the end of May. Resuming running, she had not healed, and re-injured the same stress fracture. Again the boot came back on, from the end of June (her 70th birthday month) to the end of August, while Joan and husband Glenn were in Raton, NM for the summer. She’s only been back training in running for just over a month, so the fast Crapolfest time was a surprise. She even took two walking breaks (of 30 and 20 seconds) during the race, to be safe. To put her 25:42 time in perspective, the Virginia state record for 5K for women 70-74 is 28:05 (by Tami Graf of Lusby, MD), but Saturday’s time won’t yet count, as state records must be run on a certified course. The upcoming Governor’s Land 5K is a certified course, so Coven will most likely get the state record at the Nov. 19th CRR race.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Official Results of the Hare and Tortoise 8K

Hare & Tortoise 8K Run/Walk
Queens Lake Middle School, Williamsburg, Virginia
Saturday, September 17, 2011
A Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix Event
Information from Rick Platt (757-229-7375,

104 finishers in 8K run/walk.

** Hare & Tortoise 8K age group record (5-year age groups) – previous course was New Quarter Park 8K

Men Overall
**1. Daniel Shaye, 42 Williamsburg 28:59
**2. Todd Kessler, 28 Newport News 29:03
3. Jesse Berwald, 34 Williamsburg 29:42

Women Overall
**1. Jennifer Quarles, 39 Williamsburg 31:27
2. Debbie McLaughlin, 45 Williamsburg 36:28
3. Sheri Mann, 49 Yorktown 38:12

Men 19-and-under
1. Patrick O’Hare, 16 Woodbury, MN 39:17

Men 20-24

Men 25-29
1. Scott Keith, 28 Houston, TX 40:23
2. Matthew Ng, 25 Clayton, NC 57:24

Men 30-34
1. Keagan McLeese, 31 Langley AFB 31:25

Men 35-39
1. Bryan Dollyhigh, 35 Toano 32:10
2. Joey Smith, 39 Yorktown 36:27
3. James McWilliams, 37 Munhall, PA 39:27
4. Eric Samuelson, 35 Hampton 49:35
5. Larry Hale, 39 Poquoson 51:33
6. Johnny Hyde, 39 Poquoson 57:04
7. Chris Crumpler, 38 Williamsburg 1:03:06

Men 40-44
1. Thomas Russo, 41 Williamsburg 58:29*
*Walker winning age-group award

Men 45-49
1. Greg Dawson, 46 Williamsburg 30:12
2. Tim O’Dell, 45 Toano 36:26
3. Mark Parsell, 49 Yorktown 43:35
4. Rex Hoover, 48 Williamsburg 45:18

Men 50-54
1. Andrew D’Amico, 50 Newport News 34:53
2. Daniel Dillon, 52 Williamsburg 50:28
3. Dave Mason, 54 Williamsburg 53:19

Men 55-59
1. Will Murray, 55 Williamsburg 33:12
2. Steve Long, 57 Williamsburg 37:16
3. Robert Merkl, 57 Williamsburg 40:35
4. Doug Headley, 55 Williamsburg 43:52

Men 60-64
1. Rick Platt, 61 Williamsburg 34:26
2. George Carrigan, 62 Williamsburg 36:17
3. Jimmy Blount, 60 Williamsburg 40:37
4. Jay Orgeron, 60 Yorktown 47:31
5. Michael Popadiuk, 63 Newport News 52:59
6. Robert Garcia, 61 Williamsburg 53:27

Men 65-and-over
1. Larry Arata, 67 Williamsburg 41:25
2. Ed Oliphant, 65 Gloucester 43:01
3. John Essery, 75 Williamsburg 44:56
4. John Cummings, 73 Williamsburg 45:08
5. Bob Hood, 73 Belle Haven 51:29

Men Walk
1. Tom Gerhardt, 60 Chesapeake 49:11
2. Jeff Fry, 43 Williamsburg 55:06
3. Thomas Russo, 41 Williamsburg 58:29
4. Bob Curtin, 58 Hampton 1:05:25
5. Grove Calvert, 64 Virginia Beach 1:08:50
6. Keith Sprouse, 45 Staunton 1:25:25
7. John Kurec, 58 Williamsburg 1:27:44
8. Chris Wallace, 57 Williamsburg 1:27:46
9. Paul Marriottt, 74 Williamsburg 1:29:52

Women 19-and-under
1. Jamie Dillon, 18 Williamsburg 59:52
2. Haley Hyde, 16 Fort Wright, KY 1:01:52
3. Grace Nowadly, 16 Williamsburg 1:29:48*
*Walker winning age group award

Women 20-24

Women 25-29
1. Barbara Shockley, 28 Houston, TX 38:26
2. Melissa Valdez, 28 Norfolk 40:32
3. Katie Hutchins, 29 Virginia Beach 48:48
4. Courtney Murphy, 29 Newport News 51:21
5. Jessica McDonough, 28 Williamsburg 57:58

Women 30-34
1. Jennifer Sloggie-Pierce, 34 Virginia Beach 48:50
2. Darcy Crumpler, 33 Williamsburg 1:03:08

Women 35-39
1. Jeanette Primich, 35 Williamsburg 39:58
2. Claire Samuelson, 38 Hampton 49:35
3. Ellen Medford, 37 Seaford 51:01

Women 40-44
1. Tracey Atteberry, 41 Hampton 53:44
2. Anne Marie Castellani, 42 Toano 1:07:34*
3. Dorrett Chisholm, 44 Williamsburg 1:07:48*
* Walkers winning age group award

Women 45-49
1. Donna Sanders, 47 Yorktown 42:24
2. Diana Brown, 47 Seaford  50:57
3. Margaret Buchwald, 49 Yorktown  58:15
4. Sharon Seaborne-Bunn, 46 Williamsburg 1:13:04

Women 50-54
1. Paula Henry, 51 Yorktown 40:51
2. Kim Lloyd, 50 Yorktown 44:13
3. Jane Diana, 54 Newport News 57:37
4. Beth Poitras, 53 Yorktown 58:15
5. Cathleen Duke, 51 Williamsburg 1:05:32

Women 55-59
**1. Rose Crist, 56 Lanexa 39:02
2. Nita McGuire, 57 Newport News 58:51
3. Mary Grace Simasek, 55 Williamsburg 1:05:32

Women 60-64
1. Brenda Mitchell, 61 Williamsburg 47:22
2. Patricia Travis, 60 Williamsburg 47:41
3. Gail Lucado-Phelps, 61 Newport News 53:12

Women 65-and-over
1. Nancy Bount, 65 Williamsburg 59:40
**2. Ann Manciagli, 75 Williamsburg 59:46
3. Pauline Ely, 72 Hampton 1:00:00

Women Walk
**1. Robin Land, 50 Williamsburg 1:00:25
2. Dawn Heyse, 36 Williamsburg 1:00:41
3. Sylvia Garcia, 59 Williamsburg 1:00:43
4. Anne Marie Castellani, 42 Toano 1:07:34
5. Dorrett Chisholm, 44 Williamsburg 1:07:48
6. Wendy Tooley, 39 Lanexa 1:10:05
7. Rebecca Lusk, 25 Williamsburg 1:10:05
8. Meredith Sprinkle, 38 Toano 1:10:06
9. Margaret Cullivan, 60 Williamsburg 1:14:52
**10. Pat Eden, 80 Williamsburg 1:20:54
11. Mary Ann Calvert, 56 Virginia Beach 1:22:41
12. Jennifer Griffin, 37 Williamsburg 1:22:49
13. Misty Kinneer, 37 Williamsburg 1:22:49
14. Linda Orgeron, 60 Yorktown 1:25:34
15. Caroline Mellen, 64 Yorktown 1:25:37
16. Connie Parsell, 55 Yorktown 1:25:37
17. Sarah Wells, 42 Charlottesville 1:25:51
18. Linda Vinyard, 55 Newport News 1:28:04
19. Kathy Lewark, 54 Yorktown 1:28:05
20. Ann Zilliox, 54 Williamsburg 1:29:47
21. Grace Nowadly, 16 Williamsburg 1:29:48
22. Jean Babb, 67 Williamsburg 1:29:51
23. Edie Gordon, 63 Williamsburg 1:30:16
24. Nancy Nevin, 58 Williamsburg 1:30:16