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Award Winner Results for the York River SP Recovery Rocks 5K

Results below and attached for the York River State Park Recovery Rocks 5K. The Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix race was organized by the SpiritWorks Foundation, by the Friends of York River State Park, and by the staff of York River State Park.
Despite the heat and sticky humidity preceding Hurricane Irene, five age group records were broken on the tough, challenging, hilly, road and trail course at York River State Park.
Age Group Records
Stephen Chantry (men 55-59) - was 2nd overall for the men
Karen Terry (women 20-24) - was 1st overall for the women
Jennifer Quarles (women 35-39) - was 2nd overall for the women
Rose Crist (women 55-59)
Ann Manciagli (women 75-and-over)
With the victory of Terry over Quarles for the women, and after 10 of 17 Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix races for 2011, those two are tied in Grand Prix points with 74 each, with Elizabeth Ransom (62 points) and Connie Glueck (59), battling for the 3rd overall award.
For the men in the CRR overall Grand Prix, the top four are Todd Kessler (53 points), Daniel Shaye (47), Stephen Chantry (41) and Greg Dawson (34).
The race was "preponed" from Saturday morning to Friday evening, to avoid the nasty weather predicted from Hurricane Isabel, and to allow Southside runners and walkers to safely return to their homes.
Rick Platt, Colonial Road Runners
113 Anthony Wayne Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone 757-229-7375
Cell 757-345-1431

York River State Park Recovery Rocks 5K Run
York River State Park, Williamsburg, Virginia
Friday, August 26, 2011 (originally scheduled for Aug. 27)
A Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix Event
Information from Rick Platt (757-229-7375 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            757-229-7375      end_of_the_skype_highlighting,

88 finishers in 5K run/walk.

** Age group record (5-year age groups)

Men Overall
1. Adam Otstot, 29                        Williamsburg                       16:21
**2. Stephen Chantry, 56               Williamsburg                       17:54
3. Daniel Shaye, 42                        Williamsburg                       17:55

Women Overall
**1. Karen Terry, 22                     Newport News                  19:35
**2. Jennifer Quarles, 39                Williamsburg                       20:06
3. Elizabeth Ransom, 39                 Toano                                21:07

Men 15-and-under
1. Jason Menzies, 15                      Williamsburg                       18:21
2. Micah Hochman, 11                   Williamsburg                       31:14
3. Aiden Barry, 8                            Williamsburg                       34:10

Men 16-19

Men 20-24

Men 25-29
1. Todd Kessler, 28                       Newport News                  18:18
2. Ryan Doupe, 25                         Newport News                  19:55
3. Peter Grabowski, 28                  Lanexa                               21:53

Men 30-34
1. Michael Oldford, 32                   Newport News                  24:21

Men 35-39
1. John Rudwin, 37                         Mechanicsville                    22:31
2. Peter Wolf, 39                            Newport News                  24:12
3. Richard Shoaff, 38                      Williamsburg                       24:28

Men 40-44
1. Steven Kean, 41                         Williamsburg                       27:01
2. Denton Woodward, 42               Glen Allen                          28:51
3. Carl Albuquerque, 43                 Yorktown                           32:34

Men 45-49
1. Steve Menzies, 47                      Williamsburg                       18:43
2. Sean Killeen, 46                         Richmond                           20:55
3. Greg Dawson, 45                       Williamsburg                       23:32

Men 50-54
1. Andrew D’Amico, 50                 Newport News                  21:53
2. Michael Glueck, 50                    Williamsburg                       25:26
3. Ted Barry, 52                             Toano                                27:59

Men 55-59
1. Jim Goggin, 57                           Williamsburg                       21:57
2. Steve Long, 57                           Williamsburg                       23:19
3. Will Murray, 55                          Williamsburg                       24:52

Men 60-64
1. Rick Platt, 61                             Williamsburg                       21:00
2. George Carrigan, 62                   Williamsburg                       23:00
3. Ed Irish, 61                                Williamsburg                       26:19

Men 65-and-over
1. Larry Arata, 66                          Williamsburg                       26:37
2. Randy Hawthorne, 66                 Williamsburg                       27:28
3. John Essery, 75                          Williamsburg                       28:39

Men Walk
1. Tom Gerhardt, 60                       Chesapeake                       31:59
2. Jeff Fry, 43                                 Williamsburg                       33:33
3. Bob Curtin, 58                           Hampton                            42:38

Women 15-and-under
1. Kirstin Peterson, 11                    Williamsburg                       28:06
2. Anna Woodward, 12                  Glen Allen                          28:45
3. Shannon Crist, 14                       Lanexa                               31:13

Women 16-19
1. Lexy Parsons, 16                        Hampton                            28:32

Women 20-24
1. Jacquelyne Chantry, 23               Williamsburg                       21:18

Women 25-29
1. Karen Grabowski, 27                 Lanexa                               26:45
2. Erin Barry, 27                             Toano                                32:37
3. Hazel Ebalo, 28                          Newport News                  33:04

Women 30-34
1. Anne Condon, 34                       Williamsburg                       25:54
2. Kimberly Floyd, 33                    Newport News                  26:15

Women 35-39
1. Susan Hagel, 38                         Norfolk                              24:12
2. Jeanette Primich, 35                    Williamsburg                       25:33
3. Patricia Dollyhigh, 35                  Toano                                27:10

Women 40-44
1. Ellen Womeldorf, 40                   Williamsburg                       23:30
2. Dena Goble, 41                          Williamsburg                       23:39
3. Paula Pickering, 44                     Williamsburg                       26:56

Women 45-49
1. Connie Glueck, 47                      Williamsburg                       21:25
2. Susan Barry, 49                          Toano                                34:03
3. Elizabeth McKenna, 46              Williamsburg                       34:06

Women 50-54
1. Kate Mearns, 53                        Williamsburg                       26:08
2. Janice Kailos, 50                        Williamsburg                       27:10
3. Shirley Stephens, 54                   Williamsburg                       29:00

Women 55-59
**1. Rose Crist, 56                        Lanexa                               24:37
2. Nancy Kravitz, 57                      Williamsburg                       33:09

Women 60-64
1. Brenda Mitchell, 61                    Williamsburg                       30:59

Women 65-and-over
1. Chips Halley, 66                         Grafton                               37:30
**2. Ann Manciagli, 75                  Williamsburg                       38:07
3. Marilyn Mason, 66                     Williamsburg                       39:27

Women Walk
1. Dawn Heyse, 36                         Williamsburg                       40:07
2. Sylvia Garcia, 59                        Williamsburg                       41:31
3. Barbara Gerhardt, 60                 Chesapeake                       46:11

Friday, August 26, 2011

Race Still on for 5 PM Today

The York River State Park is open today, for all, and the Colonial Road Runners' York River State Park Recovery Rocks 5K Run is also definitely on for today, with details below. Since the YRSP doesn't have overnight campers, they are not under the same restrictions as some of the other Virginia state parks.

Since the York River State Park is one of the sponsors of the race, they have authorization to hold the event, as scheduled.


Contrary to any rumors that might be out there, the York River State Park Recovery Rocks 5K race will still be held Friday afternoon, August 26th at the park, and we still need a few more Colonial Road Runners finish line volunteers, as well as more race-day entrants.

To volunteer for the CRR finish line crew (T-shirts given to all volunteers), email or call Rick Platt. To enter the race, just show up between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to register.

Thursday afternoon, I met with Russell Johnson, the park manager for York River State Park, along with Alisa Spangler-Miller, of both the CRR and Friends of York River State Park, and the three of us went over the entire course, noting mile marks, cones and marshals necessary for the race (the park will be coordinating the marshals and course setup this year). I also spoke with co-race director Cynthia Kozak of the Friends of YRSP Thursday afternoon, and received an email Thursday late afternoon from Sharon Stanley, the race registration chairperson, with the list of all pre-registered runners.

There are two tents already set up for the race, on the right, and adjacent to the guard house near the parking lots/restroom facilities. To repeat, all preparations have been made for the race, and it will be held as re-scheduled, a 6:00 p.m. Friday start for the 1 mile fun run, and a 6:30 p.m. Friday start for the 5K run/walk.

We hope to see you at the park, whether as a CRR volunteer or as a participant.

Rick Platt

(57-229-7375       phone)
(757-345-1431       cell)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Date Change for the York River State Park 5K

 Due to the expected arrival of Hurricane Irene on Saturday, August 27 to the southeastern Virginia area, with weather deteriorating throughout the weekend, a joint decision has been made between the Colonial Road Runners, York River State Park, Friends of York River State Park, and the Spirit Works Foundation, to move up the race to Friday evening, August 26, at York River State Park, with the 1 mile fun run now set for a 6:00 p.m. start time, and the 5K run/walk for a 6:30 p.m. start time. The original race times were going to be Saturday morning. Race day registration and packet pickup will now start at 5:00 p.m. Friday at the park.

This change in race time will allow race participants to get the race out of the way on Friday, under expected better weather conditions, then to drive home safely, and to make their own preparations for the arrival of the tropical system on Saturday.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


by Dr. Daniel Shaye, Chiropractic Physician

In many areas of the country, Club runners often assemble weekly for Interval Day. What are Intervals? What is their purpose? How does your body respond to them?

Intervals refer to a series of hard efforts, interspersed with rest. You can run them on a track, or around a field, or even around the block. The hard efforts are typically run at a pace that is uncomfortable, but sub-maximal. If you can’t sustain the pace of your initial efforts (i.e. you run your first hard lap in 92 seconds, your second in 93, your third in 1:45, and end up jogging the last repeats), you’ve overwhelmed your body’s current ability to handle the effort. Interval training is all about training to run distance efficiently and wisely, within your body’s capacity, but repeatedly nudging up against and expanding your body’s limits.

Resting periods—typically taken up by walking or slow running—should be long enough to allow another hard effort, but not so long as to allow full recovery. The “interval” is NOT the hard effort; instead, the “interval” is the recovery period between the harder running. Shorter rests mean less recovery, and a stronger training effect as the aerobic system is forced to recover more quickly.

Let’s say we have a 5000 meter runner whose goal is 18:00. He or she may choose to run a variety of distances on interval days, but one core workout might be 5 x 1000 meters. Initially, the runner may cover these repeats in 3:45 (18:45 5K pace) with 400m (roughly 2 ½ - 3 minutes) jog recovery. Eventually, this athlete will be able to run the same workout with less rest—say, with 200m (roughly 1 ½ - 2 minutes) jog recovery. This athlete is closer to the goal, because his or her ability to recover is improving. Over time, he or she is likely to adapt, lowering the average kilometer for this workout to 3:30, despite the shorter rest intervals. This athlete is ready for a breakthrough race in the form of 5 x 1000 meters at 3:36 per 1000m, with zero rest… i.e. an 18:00 5K.

Physiologically, the body responds to interval training in a variety of ways. Your very bones change and become denser, stronger, in response to stress. Other systems the runner or fast/competitive walker trains include lungs and heart (“cardiopulmonary system”), peripheral vascular system (arteries, capillaries, and friends), central nervous system (brain, spinal cord), peripheral nervous system (nerves to working muscles), and skeletal muscles themselves… all the way down to the cellular level.

VO2max is the body’s maximum ability to uptake and use oxygen. The higher your VO2max, the more oxygen your lungs can absorb and efficiently deliver to aerobically exercising skeletal muscles before you hit your limits. The lungs and heart are a critical team when it comes to VO2max, with the former absorbing oxygen and expelling waste gas (CO2), and the latter pumping the oxygen-rich blood to the skeletal muscles while simultaneously circulating the waste-product-laden “used” blood through the lungs so they can expel CO2. And did you know that runners can literally add miles of blood vessels to their bodies, in response to healthy aerobic stress?

A high VO2max is essential to endurance performance, but NOT sufficient. There are athletes with world-class VO2max who do not move efficiently; and they fail to reach their potential, get injured, or both. You need to train your nervous system to coordinate the movement of well-functioning parts. The key is not to imagine the body as a heart-lung team, or a set of legs, or a bunch of nerves trying to coordinate an agglomeration of functions; rather, the body functions best when all the components work together, efficiently. That tight hip, that lack of endurance, that worn out shoe… these are things doctors and coaches and others can help you with. Then there’s the matter of becoming self-aware, of realizing you get less knee lift when you’re fatigued, or tighten your face and shoulders, or stop pushing off powerfully. That’s central nervous system training: integrating all the signals, training the body to hold optimal form despite pain and fatigue, and training the mind (soul?) to believe that despite the terrifying jaws of aerobic debt, self-doubt, and looming aerobic limits, that the limits you are exploring are also limits of belief, self-imposed limits. Every race, every run, every interval session can be about exploring a bunch of body parts and systems, or it can be about exploring possibility. Perhaps you can explore both, and come out a better runner and more self-aware person.

I'll see you on the roads and trails, my friends.

-Dr. Daniel A. Shaye

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Do you have a question you’d like answered? Mail your questions c/o Performance Chiropractic, 1307 Jamestown Road, Ste. 103, Williamsburg, VA 23185; e-mail; visit us on FaceBook at; or go to

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tom Ray Memorial Predict Your Time 5 Miler This Evening

The Peninsula Track Club Summer Fun Series starts this evening (Tuesday, August 2nd, 6:30 p.m.) with the Tom Ray Memorial Predict Your Time 5 Miler at Newport News Park. Tom Ray, a 2007 inductee into the Virginia Peninsula Road Racing Hall of Fame, was the long-time race director for the Prediction Run, which utilizes the soft-surface Newport News Park Bikeway. In this event, anyone can win, as the awards go to the runners who most closely match their predicted time. No watches are allowed.

The PTC Summer Fun Run Series continues in Williamsburg the following Wednesday (Aug. 10th, 6:30 p.m.) with the annual Lake Matoaka Trail Challenge 4.3 Miler, the oldest continually held on the Peninsula. After the event, there will be a combined PTC-Colonial Road Runners post-race social at the nearby newly renovated College Dely, on their outdoor porch area. The course is a "pleasant jaunt over the trails, rocks, gullies, and trees around Lake Matoaka," with the event starting and finishing in front of Zable Stadium, the William and Mary football and track facility.

The PTC Summer Fun Run Series is a set of August low-key evening running events with an entry fee of a can of people food and a can of pet food for each event. Signup for all is race day only.

The final two PTC summer fun run events are Wednesday, Aug. 17 (Swamp Bridge 5K on the White Oak Trail in Newport News Park) and Wednesday, Aug. 24 (Harvest Lake 5K in the Coventry neighborhood of York County), a 5K with a cross-country start and finish. Start times for all events are 6:30 p.m.

About Tom Ray, from his induction into the Virginia Peninsula Road Racing Hall of Fame:

Tom Ray, 74, has been one of the Peninsula ’s top age-group runners, since starting running at age 50, and racing at age 55. The former Hampton resident now lives in Kitty Hawk , NC , but travels back to the Peninsula most weekends for PTC and CRR races and socials. Among his 26 CRR age-group records (two for men 60-64, 11 for 65-69 and 13 for 70-74) is the all-time club record for men 65-69, a 20:02 at age 67 at the 2000 Vineyards 5K. His best time for the 70-74 division, a 22:06 at the 2004 Mental Health 5K, is just 10 seconds off Andrew Polanksy’s CRR 70-74 record of 21:56. In the 55-59 age group, his best was a 19:14 at a Hampton race, and he has the 60-64 race record at the 1995 Williamsburg Winery 5K (19:59).
Ray currently holds two Virginia state records, a 20:16 for men 65-69 at the 1998 CNU 5K, and a 1:13:55 for men 70-74 at the 2003 Yorktown Battlefield 10 Miler.

Ray’s high school did not have a track team, but he participated in baseball, basketball and football, making second-team all-state in football as a guard. His lifetime PRs, all after age 55 are 32:11 (8K), 38:39 (10K), 1:06:44 (10 miles), 1:28:15 (half marathon) and 3:21:31 (marathon). He has run 43 marathons.


And remember that running shoes donations are being accepted at each of the PTC Summer Fun Run Series events, as below:

Leigh Ann Soistmann, a PTC member and rising senior at Tabb High School is collecting old sneakers for a fundraiser supporting her summer track team. These shoes can be new, used, or any condition, but the requirement is that they are running shoes or sneakers—no casual shoes, no dress shoes, no flip flops, etc. The sneakers are collected by Nike at the end of the summer and are then recycled to create new
rubber tracks. Her team receives money from Nike based on the amount of sneakers they submit. So, the more the better!

You can bring shoes to any of the PTC Fun Runs held on August 2, 10, 17 and 24 to be collected. Leigh Ann thanks for any contribution and support the PTC can give her.
August Races on the Peninsula

Tuesday, August 2
** NEWPORT NEWS —Predict Your Time 5 Miler (Peninsula Track Club Summer Fun Run Series), 6:30 p.m., Newport News Park Bikeway. In memory of Tom Ray. Bruce Davis (757-989-0072) or Christine Schaffner (757-898-3258). Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Saturday, August 6
**YORKTOWN—Coast Guard Day 5K, 8:30 a.m.; 1 mile fun run, 8 a.m.; Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown. Katherine Long (757-856-2226). Email: Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Wednesday, August 10
** WILLIAMSBURG —Lake Matoaka Trail Challenge 4.3 Miler ( Peninsula Track Club Summer Fun Run Series), 6:30 p.m., Zable Stadium. Scott Bartram (757-867-8547). Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Saturday, August 13
*** WILLIAMSBURG —The Vineyards of Williamsburg 5K Run/Walk, 7 p.m.; 1 mile fun run/walk, 6:30 p.m., The Vineyards of Williamsburg Clubhouse. Child Development Resources (757-566-3300). Website: Rick Platt, Colonial Road Runners (757-229-7375). Email: Website:

Wednesday, August 17
** NEWPORT NEWS — Swamp Bridge 5K (Peninsula Track Club Summer Fun Run Series), 6:30 p.m., Newport News Park , Picnic Area #3. Bruce Davis (757-989-0072). Email: Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Saturday, August 20
** NEWPORT NEWS —Smart Smiles 5K, Mariner’s Museum. Lacy Millburn (757-223-7204). Email: Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Wednesday, August 24
**YORKTOWN— Harvest Lake 5K (Peninsula Track Club Summer Fun Run Series), 6:30 p.m., Coventry neighborhood. Mike Kehoe (757-865-7990). Peninsula Track Club hotline (757-342-6739). Website:

Saturday, August 27
***WILLIAMSBURG—York River State Park Recovery Rocks 5K Run/Walk, 8:30 a.m.; 1 mile fun run/walk, 8 a.m.; York River State Park. Jan Brown (757-564-0001). Email: Rick Platt, Colonial Road Runners (757-229-7375). Email: Website: