Friday, May 30, 2014

CRR President's Message

As many of you may know, Daniel Shaye and I have had ongoing differences for almost three years, regarding the direction of the Colonial Road Runners. Since our annual elections meeting two weeks ago, we have both come to the realization that it’s time for us and the club to move forward. We are making a sincere effort to “bury the hatchet,” met privately for almost two hours last week, and have even made “peace offering” gifts to each other. Maintaining a sense of humor about all of this, which is one of the best ways to heal and defuse the situation, we are even making jokes about our mutual excesses.

First off, in our recent campaign for president of the CRR, I sometimes used excessive rhetoric against Shaye, including a reference to a recurring cinematic character. For that I apologize to Shaye and to the club. I could have made my central points about our respective merits for leading the club without that unnecessary language and personal attacks.

There are actually many similarities between Shaye and me. We both love running, competition, the Colonial Road Runners, the team concept, and being around other runners, and we both avidly follow what we consider the best sport. After successful high school years in cross country and track, we both attended the College of William and Mary, went out for the cross country and track teams for a year, but with limited success, due to injuries. Although our best running came in our 20s, we both continue to compete seriously as Masters runners. Since we both have slowed a bit since our peak performances, many of you may not realize how good of a runner Shaye was in the 1990s, getting down to the 15:30s for the 5K and the 32:30s for the 10K. I wish him the best in his quest this year to conquer the marathon distance.

Many of the ideas that Shaye has proposed to the club are excellent ones, and they have been agreed upon by the CRR board, and implemented by the club. Our club has never been stronger, in part due to those suggestions and ideas, including in recent years developing or instituting a strong board of directors, a membership chairman, a media coordinator including editing the club newsletter, regular financial statements, a club conflict of interest policy, a bike leader for most of our races, quarterly board meetings, etc., etc. Shaye has often served as a catalyst for positive change in the club.
I will be the first to admit that sometimes I can be stubborn and resistant to change. Just ask my good friend and past CRR vice president Jim Goggin, who almost daily tells me to ditch my dialup service and join the real world of high speed internet access. So a kick in the butt is sometimes necessary, and for that Shaye has served a valuable purpose, to initiate needed change.

I also want to emphasize that none of our personal disputes have anything to do with Dr. Shaye professionally. He is and always has been a dedicated medical professional, who uses his formal education, years of running and competition, while dealing with various injuries, to help other runners, other athletes and the general public to recover from the ailments that occur in daily life. I recommend him highly as a resource in successfully overcoming running injuries, etc., whether chiropractic, acupuncture or general running advice.

I have been discussing various options for Shaye to become a positive part of the CRR, to move beyond our disputes, and to serve the club and make it stronger. We welcome him as an excellent and long-time CRR finish line volunteer, especially in the important areas of timing and the pull tag crew. But he can be valuable to the club beyond just that finish line crew.

Many good things came from the May 13th elections meeting. We had a record turnout for a CRR meeting, which showed that the club members truly care about the future of the club. Apathy would have been the worst problem. We had an excellent talk by Tommy Neeson, and a great post-meeting social.

So again I apologize to Shaye for the personal attacks, and want to work with him to better the future of the Colonial Road Runners. If the Hatfields and the McCoys can end their long family feud, and now have a joint marathon/half marathon in West Virginia named after them, so can Daniel Shaye and I “bury the hatchet” and end our feud. We will work together in the coming years for the betterment of our fine running club.

Rick Platt, President
Colonial Road Runners

Monday, May 26, 2014

CRR/PTC Team Edges Striders at the Elizabeth River Run

By Rick Platt

Congrats to all. In the closest competition ever in our friendly age-graded rivalry with the Tidewater Striders, the CRR-PTC team won the May 24 Elizabeth River Run, averaging 80.10% for our top 10 to 79.94% for the Striders. Initially we were told that the Striders won 79.94% to 78.87%, but those first results did not include Andrew Cutler, whose 83.88% gave us the title.

When I get the official age-graded report, I'll send that on, but attached are the regular age-group results. Our top 10 scorers age graded were:

1) Mercedes Castillo-D'Amico 87.36%
2) Karla Havens 84.42%
3) Andrew Cutler 83.88%
4) Rick Platt 82.97%
5) Larry Coley 81.39%
6) Ben Dyer 79.62%
7) George Carrigan 76.95%
8) Joe Day 76.59%
9) Todd Kessler 75.99%
10) Patricia Travis 71.88%

And in our initial top 10 was Joseph Verdirame 71.57%, who is now 11th (with Andrew Cutler). David Anderson was also at 69.97%.

For comparison, the leading Striders were:

Barbara Mathewson 88.34%
Betty Brothers 86.00%
Steve Speirs 82.72%
Renee High 79.99%

And thanks to all who joined up for our combined team.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Setting Records and Saving Lives!

By George Nelson

George Nelson and women's winner Megan Stegemiller

The 11th Annual Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer will go down as the most memorable event since inception in 2004.  It was truly epic in many ways! Records were set for participants (210), Teams (17), those doing 50 or more miles (90), those doing 100 or more miles (7), men’s course record (126 miles), women’s course record (108.75 miles), Virginia state 24 Hour age group records (11), and money raised for the Cancer Society Relay for Life ($17,000.00 so far)!

The race was held on the trails of Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, VA on 26-27 April, 2014.   The weather was nearly perfect, with clear skies, highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s. The 3.75 miles of trails were exceptionally maintained by the Park Rangers, including the addition of two small bridges. The stage was set for a perfect day of running/walking for all who attended. This year the race filled up by 1 February, months sooner than ever before!  The level of Team participation jumped considerably, with new Teams from the Outer Banks, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and all over the Hampton Roads area. We even had a team of all Cancer Survivors.  The Team competition was clearly driving increased interest in the race. I knew “something was up!”

The men’s race shaped up as a dual between last year’s winner, Keith Straw, and runner-up, Steve Speirs.  During the first half of the day, Steve held a small lead. By mid-day, Steve fell back and Keith surged to the front. It looked like Keith would repeat, but with a couple hours to go Steve regained his strength and retook the lead, holding on for the win by only one mile, 126 miles to Keith’s 125 miles. It was the second closest finish in race history!

Young (25 year old) Megan Stegemiller literally “ran away” with the women’s race!  She took command early and never looked back, running a steady machine-like pace all day and into the evening hours. With 66 miles at 12 hours it looked like she might reach 120 miles. But eventually the miles from the heat of the mid-day began to take their toll, and she slowed considerably after midnight. With her large lead, she was still able to “hang on” for a new course record (108.75 miles) and the women’s win by almost 17 miles over second place Christie Sumner!  Christie ran a strong, consistent pace all day but could not match Megan’s early speed.

The Team competition was won by the WINGNUTZ who, after getting 2nd place for the last two years, dominated this year with 798.75 miles, only 5 miles short of the all-time Team record.
But the big running story of the day was the eleven new Virginia state 24 hour age group records set. Once the course was officially USATF certified, I had been awaiting an “assault” on the record books! This was the breakthrough year with the following new records:  F10-14, 50 miles, Emmy Demmin; F20-34, 108.75 miles, Megan Stegemiller; M20-34, 112.25 miles, Gregory Holden;  F35-39, 84.75 miles, Rachel Swift;  M35-39, 100 miles, Thaddeus Meyer;  M50-54, 108.25 miles, Glenn Hrinda;  M55-59, 125 miles, Keith Straw;  M60-64, 107.25 miles, Tom DeKornfeld; F60-64, 67.5 miles, Virginia Davis;  M75-79, 50 miles, Steve Durrant;  and M80-84, 26.25 miles, Buddy Levitin. The bar has been set high, but I expect more records next year!

However, the major story of this year’s race was not even about running, it was about life-saving!  At about 1:45 pm, Bob Sitler collapsed about .75 miles into his 7th lap with what we later found out was a heart attack.  Thankfully, there were several runners nearby who immediately ran to him and started administering CPR.  Some had EMS training or worked in a hospital and knew exactly what to do.  While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, they performed CPR for over 10 minutes, finally reviving Bob just before the ambulance arrived. He was quickly transported to a nearby hospital where he continued to recover.  He has since been moved to a hospital near his home in Lynchburg where he had triple bypass heart surgery and is doing well.  It is now clear that the runners who worked on him for those precious minutes after he collapsed saved his life!

Once again, the Sandy Bottom Park staff did a fantastic job in taking care of everyone’s needs, as well as having a Team participating (and earning three 50-mile plaques).  As always, the volunteer lap counters did an awesome job in directly contributing to our great success.  Pete Navin, Thea Ganoe, Steve Peters, Jon Olyszk, Ed Rietscha, Mr and Mrs Levan, Barb and Pete Biasi, Christine Schaffner, Alison Tichenor, Michele Smith-Harden,  Jerry Schenck (of course), and eight Army lieutenants from the Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Virginia should all be congratulated! Three of the lieutenants also helped out as pacers during the night.

It seems impossible to top this year’s epic success, but we will give it a try next year. The race will be 25-26 April, 2015. See you there!

Rank Name Gender Age Miles City State
1 Speirs Steve M 47 126 Virginia Beach VA
2 Straw Keith M 59 125 Malvern PA
3 Holden Gregory M 34 112.25 Poquoson VA
4 Stegemiller Megan F 25 108.75 Annandale VA
5 Hrinda Glenn M 53 108.25 Yorktown VA
6 Dekornfeld Tom M 60 107.25 Annapolis MD
7 Meyer Thaddeus M 35 100 Arlington VA
8 Sumner Christina F 28 92 Norfolk VA
9 Francis Seko M 47 90 Newport News VA
9 Kurisky Jack M 46 90 Burke VA
11 Murray Wendy F 40 86.5 Southern Shores NC
12 Ratcliffe Kim F 46 84.75 Yorktown VA
12 Swift Rachel F 35 84.75 Hampton VA
14 Duke Kris M 40 80 Virginia Beach VA
14 Scott Tim M 29 80 Newport News VA
16 Basford Chris M 51 78.75 Newport News VA
16 Lupton Henry M 50 78.75 Kenly NC
16 Macluskie David M 41 78.75 Yorktown VA
16 Rose Dan M 37 78.75 Alexandria VA
20 Starling Paul M 46 78 Dunn NC
21 Kalinosky Matthew M 36 76 Newport News VA
22 Burk Brian M 49 75 Carrollton VA
22 Dean Scott M 46 75 Kill Devil Hills NC
22 Fauth Jonathan M 34 75 Hampton VA
22 Finkle Jay M 50 75 Roanoke VA
22 Harrison Jim M 56 75 Hampton VA
22 Hendrickson Cara F 34 75 Yorktown VA
22 Mchugh Andrea F 34 75 Suffolk VT
22 Murphy Amie F 39 75 Loudonville OH
22 Reed Justin M 32 75 North Chesterfield VA
22 Robbins Spencer M 32 75 Leesburg VA
22 Waite John M 35 75 Newport News VA
22 Womeldorf Ellen F 42 75 Williamsburg VA
34 Finkle Anita F 47 71.25 Roanoke VA
35 Shapiro Steven M 60 70 Virginia Beach VA
36 Davis Virginia F 64 67.5 Norfolk VA
36 Kronick Aaron M 30 67.5 Hampton VA
38 Jennings Susan F 52 65 Bluemont VA
38 Nicolaides Michael M 51 65 Virginia Beach VA
40 Booth James M 30 63.75 Newport News VA
40 Kern Stuart M 52 63.75 Silver Spring MD
40 Peters Maria F 49 63.75 Yorktown VA
40 Phillips Ryan M 32 63.75 Portsmouth VA
40 Wilcox Brian M 40 63.75 Durham NC
40 Wingfield Scott M 42 63.75 Nashville NC
46 Orth Joe M 29 61.25 Virginia Beach VA
46 Seymour Margaret F 27 61.25 Virginia Beach VA
48 Sherwood Lori F 50 60.25 Portsmouth VA
49 Kern Kristen M 49 60 Los Alamos NM
49 Knowles Joseph M 31 60 Chesapeake VA
49 Morris Brian M 35 60 Jackson Heights NY
49 Nelsen Rebecca F 27 60 Williamsburg VA
49 Rahbe Sherrie F 53 60 Asheville NC
49 Rapp Perry M 49 60 Lex Pk MD
49 Richardson Kathleen F 30 60 New York NY
56 Parks Ed M 56 58.25 Virginia Beach VA
57 Cavazos Ben M 54 56.25 Virginia Beach VA
57 Entrikin Analiza F 32 56.25 Chesapeake VA
57 Entrikin Ryan M 28 56.25 Chesapeake VA
57 Gray Rick M 53 56.25 Johnson City TN
57 Holbrook Sarah F 47 56.25 Moneta VA
57 Lineberger Fabiola F 43 56.25 Virginia Beach VA
57 Stilley Katherine F 36 56.25 Lynchburg VA
64 Cox Jaime F 36 53.75 Newport News VA
65 Blakeburn Roy M 58 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Bobeck Douglas M 41 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Boucher Stephanie F 29 52.5 Newport News VA
65 Boyd Patrick M 48 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Buchanan Dee F 49 52.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
65 Callahan Tony M 31 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Cardullo Anthony M 30 52.5 Williamsburg VA
65 Carver Laura F 48 52.5 Southern Shores NC
65 D'amico Bert M 36 52.5 Chesapeake VA
65 D'amico Christina F 37 52.5 Chesapeake VA
65 Evelyn Jr Tony M 33 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Falsone Laura F 51 52.5 Edgewater MD
65 Farmer Kathy F 44 52.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
65 Froneberger Josh M 36 52.5 Hampton VA
65 Gold David M 35 52.5 New York NY
65 Goshea Jonathan M 39 52.5 Richmond VA
65 Hagel Susan F 41 52.5 Norfolk VA
65 Henderson Melissa F 28 52.5 Hampton VA
65 Hicks Jr Claude M 54 52.5 Newport News VA
65 Lopez Crystal F 35 52.5 Henrico VA
65 Luton Mary F 39 52.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
65 Mccalister Agatija F 45 52.5 Goldsboro NC
65 Mertz Arthur M 42 52.5 Hampton VA
65 Pidgeon Richard M 65 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Ralston Shannon F 25 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Rietscha Edward M 35 52.5 Hampton VA
65 Scott Ricky M 56 52.5 Ferrum VA
65 Simonitsch Justin M 33 52.5 Norfolk VA
65 Speirs Ally F 49 52.5 Virginia Beach VA
65 Stark William M 24 52.5 Williamsburg VA
65 Stohler Michael M 35 52.5 Newport News VA
65 Stoneman Laura F 32 52.5 Richmond VA
65 Verry Jennie F 41 52.5 Chesapeake VA
65 Washburn Alicia F 30 52.5 Meredithville VA
99 Stadie Tierney F 32 51.5 Warrenton VA
100 Adams William M 33 50 Williamsburg VA
100 Childress Grace F 29 50 Richmond VA
100 Clapp Tim M 57 50 Chester VA
100 Coleman Michael M 35 50 Hampton VA
100 Demmin David M 45 50 Norfolk VA
100 Demmin Emmy F 14 50 Norfolk VA
100 Durrant Steve M 75 50 Virginia Beach VA
100 Foy Krista F 30 50 Carrollton VA
100 Goulet Brian M 48 50 Hampton VA
100 Hackett Jonathan M 36 50 Hartsville SC
100 Hiatt Chris M 30 50 Woodbridge VA
100 Jones Stephanie F 47 50 Virginia Beach VA
100 Kinker Ruthie F 45 50 South Hill VA
100 Kuhn Steven M 44 50 Centreville VA
100 Lager Cheryl F 48 50 Newport News VA
100 Nelsen George M 59 50 Newport News VA
100 Sanchez Bethany F 44 50 Virginia Beach VA
100 Scott Randy M 28 50 Newport News VA
100 Spence Thomas M 28 50 Newport News VA
100 Trent Bradley M 43 50 Newport News VA
100 Trent Wendy F 42 50 Newport Ne\Ws VA
100 Waidelich Jennifer F 29 50 Virginia Beach VA
100 Walker Karen F 50 50 Orlando FL
100 Whaley Bonnie F 31 50 Newport News VA
100 White Bryon M 37 50 Yorktown VA
125 Butler Christina F 28 46.25 Gloucester VA
126 Massie Tammy F 42 45 Gaithersburg MD
127 Burke Sidney F 41 41.25 South Hill VA
127 Good Harry M 63 41.25 Owings Mills MD
127 Lilley Frank M 64 41.25 Littleton NC
127 Shochet Al M 66 41.25 Va Beach VA
127 Shochet Jennifer F 25 41.25 Va Beach VA
127 Whitehurst Michael M 45 41.25 South Mills NC
133 Breeden Mark M 49 37.5 Virginia Beach VA
133 Buckland Mark M 53 37.5 Highland Springs VA
133 Coughlin David M 40 37.5 Chester VA
133 Montalvo Hannah F 24 37.5 Poquoson VA
133 Sorrell Bill M 50 37.5 Yorktown VA
133 Wiecking Carter F 44 37.5 Fort Valley VA
139 Defronzo Eugene M 78 33.75 Cheshire CT
139 Gies Kelly F 27 33.75 Smithfield VA
139 Iacobucci Christopher M 28 33.75 Columbia SC
139 Lindsay Livia F 47 33.75 Richmond VA
139 Pine Jessica F 27 33.75 Virginia Beach VA
139 Quintas-Herron Maria F 49 33.75 Mechanicsville VA
139 Zoladkiewicz Kim F 40 33.75 Smithfield VA
146 Gerhardt Tom M 62 32 Chesapeake VA
147 Graham Paula F 31.25
147 Iacobucci Eric M 48 31.25 Alexandria VA
147 Ide Christopher M 27 31.25 Chesapeake VA
150 Morgan Beth F 45 31 Bristol TN
151 Camp James M 31 30 King George VA
151 Castillo Ryan M 33 30 Virginia Beach VA
151 Cwiklinski Chris M 40 30 Suffolk VA
151 Messick Robert M 35 30 Virginia Beach VA
151 Montgomery Billy M 47 30 Norfolk VA
151 Nichols Marc M 36 30 Hampton VA
151 Rogers Krista F 39 30 Yorktown VA
151 Snead Susan F 58 30 Virginia Beach VA
151 Taylor Angela F 35 30 Virginia Beach VA
151 Watson Mariza F 43 30 Virginia Beach VA
151 Waugh Robert M 46 30 Hampton VA
162 Currier Dawn F 40 27.25 Hayes VA
163 Alexander Cindy F 53 26.25 Virginia Beach VA
163 Boyce Cortney F 33 26.25 Springfield VA
163 Call Heather F 32 26.25 Yorktown VA
163 Hickey Travis M 30 26.25 Virginia Beach VA
163 Hopkins Jim M 58 26.25 Williamsburg VA
163 Levitin Jordan Buddy M 80 26.25 Norfolk VA
163 Martineau Natalie F 33 26.25 Yorktown VA
163 Palumbo Joseph M 31 26.25 Virginia Beach VA
163 Tedrow Lara F 44 26.25 Norfolk VA
163 Valone Tessa F 14 26.25 Bristol TN
163 Vanzandt Alan M 52 26.25 Newport News VA
163 Ventrice Maureen F 48 26.25 Virginia Beach VA
175 Applegate Christian M 37 25 Newport News VA
176 Howard Ryan M 31 23.75 Carrollton VA
177 Dewey Hartley M 66 22.5 Virginia Beach VA
177 Hendrickson Jon M 35 22.5 Yorktown VA
177 Mcinerney Chris M 28 22.5 Virginia Beach VA
177 Patterson James M 49 22.5 Colonial Heights VA
177 Pearson Trevor M 27 22.5 Newport News VA
177 Pettigrew Alyssa F 35 22.5 Williamsburg VA
177 Pettigrew Haley F 12 22.5 Williamsburg VA
177 Pettigrew Kevin M 35 22.5 Williamsburg VA
177 Rauchfuss Gary M 47 22.5 Williamsburg VA
177 Sitler Robert M 54 22.5 Lynchburg VA
187 Blake Chris M 27 18.75 Hampton VA
187 Hayes Dominique F 28 18.75 Newport News VA
187 Jackson Pam F 40 18.75 South Hill VA
187 Lawrence Mahlon M 46 18.75 Hayes VA
187 Mccarty Dawn F 40 18.75 Newport News VA
187 Seaborne Greg M 26 18.75 Williamsburg VA
187 Tabachnick Larry M 67 18.75 Alexandria VA
194 Bottoms Marsha F 46 15 Dumas AR
194 Flythe Tyneka F 36 15 Newport News VA
194 Iacobucci Kalie F 25 15 Newport News VA
194 Kottmer Michael M 45 15 Virginia Beach VA
194 Mcnemar Ryan M 29 15 Virginia Beach VA
194 Perkins Jo Ann F 65 15 Charlestown WV
194 Petroff Nicole F 25 15 Newport News VA
194 Rivera Michelle F 31 15 Newport News VA
194 Taylor Jessie M 31 15 Hampton VA
203 Wollenberg Chad M 36 11.25 Broadnax VA
204 Donoghue Terry F 43 7.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
204 Landis Cyndee F 36 7.5 Augusta WV
204 Witter Jessica F 34 7.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
204 Witter Matt M 42 7.5 Kill Devil Hills NC
208 Landis Melissa F 32 3.75 Augusta WV
208 Neel Georgia F 71 3.75 Newport News VA
208 Petroff Richard M 25 3.75 Newport News VA