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Swamp Run 5K Award Winners

Men's winner Kurtis Steck is a Lafayette High School cross country and track star.
Women's winner Jennifer Quarles celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday, March 6th, then won her first race as a Masters (ages 40-and-over) runner just four days later with an age-group record performance. Quarles had a time of 19:31, bettering the previous women's 40-44 record of 20:19 by Laura Shannon on Williamsburg in 2007.

Other age group records were broken by Rick Platt (men 60-64), with the top two in that age group under the previous record of 20:54 by Robert Wright of Hampton; Joan Coven (women 70-74) and Ann Manciagli (women 75-79).

There were 191 finishers in the race organized by the Jamestown High School Athletic Boosters Club, with co-race directors Jim Winthrop and Barb Buehrle.

Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K

Jamestown High School , Williamsburg , Virginia

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix Event

Information from Rick Platt (757-229-7375,

191 finishers in 5K run/walk.

** Age group record (5-year age groups)

Men Overall

1. Kurtis Steck, 17 Williamsburg 16:58

2. Morgan Goetschel, 22 Terre Haute , IN 17:30

3. Daniel Shaye, 42 Williamsburg 17:43

Women Overall

**1. Jennifer Quarles, 40 Williamsburg 19:31

2. Connie Glueck, 47 Williamsburg 20:24

3. Heidi Peterson, 18 Williamsburg 21:01

Men 14-and-under

1. James Hart, 14 Williamsburg 18:00

2. Konrad Steck, 13 Williamsburg 18:30

3. L.J. Morant, 11 Williamsburg 22:18

Men 15-19

1. D.J. Moniak, 17 Williamsburg 17:53

2. Scott Gemmell-Davis, 18 Williamsburg 17:55

3. Brian McManus, 16 Williamsburg 18:33

Men 20-24

1. Jeremy Provencher, 22 Toano 19:30

2. Alex Slominski, 24 Seaford 26:28

Men 25-29

1. Todd Kessler, 29 Newport News 17:58

2. Steven Brewer, 26 Newport News 18:25

3. Jonna Reinhardt, 27 Williamsburg 19:42

Men 30-34

1. Clayton Bennett, 33 Newport News 25:33

2. Johnny Callaham, 31 Williamsburg 38:11

Men 35-39

1. Bryan Dollyhigh, 36 Toano 19:16

2. Kevin Romberger DePew, 38 Newport News 19:39

3. Chris Robertson, 39 Williamsburg 20:39

Men 40-44

1. Mike Garcia, 44 St. Catharines , Ontario , Canada 22:56

2. Paul Benevente, 42 Williamsburg 22:57

3. Paul Rice, 41 Williamsburg 25:05

Men 45-49

1. Steve Menzies, 48 Williamsburg 18:17

2. Greg Dawson, 46 Williamsburg 18:28

3. Paul Pelletier, 46 Williamsburg 19:05

Men 50-54

1. Terry McManus, 50 Williamsburg 19:23

2. Robert Keroack, 54 Williamsburg 23:03

3. Michael Glueck, 50 Williamsburg 24:25

Men 55-59

1. Will Murray , 56 Williamsburg 20:19

2. Jim Goggin, 58 Williamsburg 21:09

3. Steve Long, 57 Williamsburg 23:13

Men 60-64

**1. Rick Platt, 61 Williamsburg 19:52

2. Roland Parsons, 60 Petersburg 20:23

3. George Carrigan, 63 Williamsburg 22:37

Men 65-69

1. William Sharer, 65 Williamsburg 24:58

2. Larry Arata, 67 Williamsburg 25:22

3. James Borowski, 65 Williamsburg 25:55

Men 70-and-over

1. Paul Sharp, 71 North 30:33

2. John Essery, 75 Williamsburg 32:08

Men Walk

1. Tom Gerhardt, 60 Chesapeake 31:00

2. Rich Higgins, 58 Williamsburg 31:44

3. Bob Curtin, 59 Hampton 37:37

Women 14-and-under

1. Tanya Hoatson, 14 Williamsburg 22:42

2. Claire Lombardo, 9 Williamsburg 31:58

3. Gabriella Garza, 13 Williamsburg 32:59

Women 15-19

1. Sara Dimeler, 17 Carrollton 23:06

2. Marci Demyon, 19 Williamsburg 23:31

3. Emily Mellman, 18 Williamsburg 23:36

Women 20-24

1. Emily Honeycutt, 20 West Point 21:03

2. Lindsey North, 24 Richmond 22:21

3. Emily Horrell, 22 Newport News 24:03

Women 25-29

1. Megan Moran, 29 Williamsburg 21:40

2. Elizabeth Winthrop, 25 Richmond 22:50

3. Karen Grabowski, 27 Lanexa 29:25

Women 30-34

1. Annie Gasway, 34 Williamsburg 24:11

2. Rachel Swift, 32 Hampton 24:22

3. Carey Phillips, 30 Williamsburg 25:24

Women 35-39

1. Jeanette Primich, 35 Williamsburg 24:01

2. Melinda Hazelwood, 36 Williamsburg 38:06

3. Valerie Horner, 36 Williamsburg 39:24

Women 40-44

1. Dena Goble, 41 Williamsburg 23:02

2. Beth Nease, 43 Williamsburg 25:09

3. Alicia Lorack, 41 Williamsburg 26:47

Women 45-49

1. Debbie McLaughlin, 46 Williamsburg 22:24

2. Sandy Hula, 45 Charles City 26:09

3. Irene Aiken, 46 Rockingham, NC 26:40

Women 50-54

1. Dianne Backer, 50 Williamsburg 25:08

2. Norma Phillips, 51 Williamsburg 25:21

3. Cindy Slominski, 54 Seaford 26:10

Women 55-59

1. Louise Sharer, 59 Williamsburg 26:14

2. Dougie Winthrop, 55 Williamsburg 27:25

3. Harriet McCoy, 57 Williamsburg 27:29

Women 60-64

1. Brenda Mitchell, 61 Williamsburg 27:42

2. Patricia Travis, 60 Williamsburg 29:43

3. Dottie Humphreys, 60 Newport News 32:39

Women 65-69

1. Ann Hirn, 66 Portsmouth 28:20

2. Robin Jorlett, 68 Newport News 32:40

Women 70-and-over

**1. Joan Coven, 70 West Point 25:44

**2. Ann Manciagli, 76 Williamsburg 36:31

Women Walk

1. Sylvia Garcia, 59 Williamsburg 36:46

2. Dawn Heyse, 36 Williamsburg 39:13

3. Sandy Conte, 56 Williamsburg 39:23

Rick Platt

113 Anthony Wayne Rd.

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Phone 757-229-7375

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Early 2012 Race Recaps

By Rick Platt
While awaiting the 33rd annual Sentara Colonial Half Marathon at William and Mary on Sunday, Feb. 26th, and the 11th annual Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K on Saturday, March 10th (the opening race for the 2012 Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix), area runners have kept busy with four Peninsula Track Club races this past month.

The most recent was Saturday’s eighth annual Grafton Cold F-F-Feet 5K, a cross country road race held on the trails around Grafton High School, and the first PTC Grand Prix race of 2012. There were 186 finishers, up from 122 in 2011, for the race organized by the Grafton High School Boosters. Victor Fleming, 32, of Smithfield won by a half minute in 17:07, followed by Nate Wallace, 29, of Yorktown (17:38) and the 2011 CRR men’s Grand Prix champion, Todd Kessler, 29, of Newport News (17:44). Nicholas Dunham, 17, of Smithfield (17:56) was also under the 18-minute barrier.

For the women, 2011 CRR women’s Grand Prix champion Karen Terry, 23, of Newport News won easily in 18:42, followed by Connie Glueck, 47, of Williamsburg (20:33), 14-year-old Justina Rowe of Yorktown (21:29) and 2011 PTC Grand Prix champion Susan Hagel, 38, of Norfolk (22:08). Kessler and Terry coach the cross country and track teams at Smithfield High, with Dunham one of their top distance runners.

Under miserable weather conditions (a steady rain, heavy at times, that created some flooded conditions on the course around Menchville High School), 140 runners entered, but only 96 completed the inaugural Menchville Winter Chill 5K, benefiting the Menchville Choral groups. The top five men were Christopher Reoyo, 28 (19:23), Marshall Padilla, 17 (19:48), Ryan Smith, 18 (19:50), John Scott, 48 (19:52) and Mike Stohler, 32 (19:56), all from Newport News. The most impressive performances of the day, though, came from the top three overall women—Mercedes Castillo-D’Amico, 54, of Newport News (20:27), Connie Glueck (20:48) and Susan Hagel (21:46).

Under much better weather conditions (sunny, but cold, with temperatures in the 30’s) a week earlier, there were 103 finishers at another inaugural PTC race, the I AM 10K held at Newport News Park, sponsored and organized by I AM Fitness, with proceeds benefiting the Menchville House and Military Ministry. The 6.2-mile course followed the roads and trails of the park, including the Swamp Bridge Trail and the Bikeway, before returning over the scenic reservoir bridge. The top three, all from Newport News, were Tim Scott, 27 (37:59), Lee Lockwood, 29 (39:40) and Paul Chekal, 40 (39:49). For the women, the top four overall were Christine, Schaffner, 48, of Yorktown (50:14), ultramarathon standout Cheryl Lager, 46, of Newport News (52:03), Rachel Swift, 32, of Hampton (52:17) and Carol Bartram, 48, of Yorktown (52:24).

The opening race of 2012 was the Sentara New Year’s Day 5K, held on the totally flat roads around Coliseum Central in Hampton. Organized by the Sentara Careplex Fitness Center, the race benefited the American Cancer Society in memory of Denise Suits, a former Sentara Fitness Center employee and PTC member. Under perfect conditions (temperatures in the 50s and sunny), there were 295 entrants and 263 finishers. Grafton High’s Dylan Sydnor, 16, of Yorktown won easily in 17:05, followed by Todd Kessler (17:39), Robert Lindermann, 24, of Yorktown (17:40), Thomas Gounley, 21, of Newport News (18:00) and Douglas Marshall, 37, of Mathews (18:09). For the women, Karen Terry won in 18:45, followed by Peninsula Catholic’s Jessica Armstrong, 16, of Newport News (21:38) and Kim Ratcliffe, 44, of Yorktown (22:25). The most impressive race of the day, though, came from 70-year-old Joan Coven of West Point, whose time of 24:59 was seventh overall for the women, but also faster than her Virginia state women’s 70-74 record times of 25:17 from both the Governor’s Land 5K and the Sentara Sleighbell 5K. However, since the New Year’s Day 5K course was not officially certified to USATF standards, it will not count as a state record.

American Ricky Flynn Wins Sentara Colonial Half Marathon

By Rick Platt
The last time an American male had won the 33rd annual Sentara Colonial Half Marathon was back in 1998 when Mark Andrews, 27, of Chapel Hill, NC won in 1:05:46, the first year the hilly Carter’s Grove Country Road/Kingsmill course was used, and still the No. 3 time ever on the newer route (from 1979 through 1997, the race used the Colonial Parkway-Treasure Island Road-Route 199 course). Since 1998 there had been men’s winners from Kenya (6), Ethiopia (3) and one each from Canada, Morocco, Russia and Belarus, but none from the U.S.

That all changed Sunday when the talented Ricky Flynn, 24, of Lynchburg dominated the second half of the race for a win in 1:07:18, pulling away from a three-runner pack that included the two other pre-race favorites, Kenyan Abraham Ng’etich, 30, of Mount Vernon, NY, and American Jordan McDougal, 24, of Warrenton. Flynn competed in college for Lynchburg College, while McDougal was on the Liberty University team in Lynchburg, so obviously the hills of Lynchburg (famous for the challenging Virginia Ten Miler) were great preparation for the hills of Williamsburg.

Despite being forewarned about the Carter’s Grove hills, Flynn said, “The course was surprisingly hillier than expected,” but called it “a unique course thru the woods, which made it more scenic and enjoyable. I used it mainly as a solid long tempo effort for the upcoming track season,” where he will attempt to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials in the 10,000 meters (where the “B” standard is 29:00 and the “A” standard 28:15). Flynn’s track bests are 29:21 (10,000) and 13:59 (5,000). He has already competed in the Olympic Trials, but at the marathon distance in January, where he ran his debut marathon in a remarkable time of 2:13:41 (12th place), in the top 20 all-time for U.S. debut marathoners. Flynn had qualified for the marathon trials with a PR half marathon time of 1:04:15 at last October’s Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.

Ng’etich set a hard pace (4:48 for the first mile, then 5:05-5:08 pace through halfway), a few meters ahead of the two Americans for the first five miles, with McDougal finally dropping back around 4 ½ miles. Flynn caught Ng’etich, but the Kenyan twice threw in surges to break away, until Flynn caught him for good at around six miles, passed him, and Ng’etich couldn’t respond. Flynn steadily pulled away for a win ($500 prize money) in 1:07:18. Ng’etich held on for second ($300) in 1:09:53, with McDougal third ($200) in 1:10:11.

The next race was for the first runner with William and Mary connections, and that was won by Rawls Byrd Elementary PE teacher Adam Otstot, 29, of Williamsburg (4th, 1:10:33) over David Hryvniak, 27, of Charlottesville (5th, 1:11:23) and W&M senior Andrew Budiansky (7th, 1:12:17), with Budiansky nipped at the finish by Zachary Reiter, 23, of Fayetteville, NC (6th, also 1:12:17). Otstot said, “I had a super race today. Right now my training is solely focused on preparing for Ironman Texas [triathlon] in May.” It was a half marathon PR for Otstot by three seconds.

The next battle was for first Masters, and that was a close match with Williamsburg’s John Piggott, 46, outkicking Richmond’s Doug Fernandez, 51, 1:18:28 to 1:18:31. Third Masters was W&M grad Andy Mason, 40, of Hagerstown (1:19:55) over Greg Cauller, 52, of York, PA (1:21:20).

For the women it was an historically slow winning time of 1:29:58 for winner Holly Smith, 27, of Rehoboth Beach, DE, with Gabrielle Names, 22, of Arlington second (1:30:22) and Kim Isler, 44, of Oakton third (1:30:45). The only women’s winning times in race history equally slow were in 1981 (1:31:21) and in 1983 (1:29:57). Running good tune-ups for spring marathons were Williamsburg’s Jami Brayton, 30 (4th, 1:32:38), preparing for Shamrock, and Laura Shannon, 49 (5th, 1:32:48), preparing for Boston.

Kevin White and Ann Patron Win 5K at Colonial Half Marathon

By Rick Platt

At first glance, with cities of Virginia Beach and Cockeysville, MD, it didn’t look like the winners (Kevin White and Elizabeth Ann Patron) of the 5K race associated with Sunday’s 33rd annual Sentara Colonial Half Marathon had local ties. But they did.

Men’s 5K winner Kevin White, 44, of Virginia Beach ran a time of 16:46 to best Matthew Kasprzak, 34, of Falls Church (17:00), and Brian Beary, 36, of Washington, DC (17:04). White is a William and Mary grad, who ran track for W&M in the low 15’s for the 5,000 meters. He now competes for the Colonial Road Runners’ teams at USATF national championships, like the upcoming Achievable Dream 8K race in May, or the club cross country championships in December.

Women’s 5K winner Ann Patron, 22, is the granddaughter of Barry and Nancy Patron of Ford’s Colony in Williamsburg. Nancy now runs three times a week for fitness, but no longer races. During her peak years she held numerous CRR race age-group records for women 65-69 and 70-74, and until Joan Coven smashed it last October, held the all-time CRR record for women 70-74 with a time of 28:44 at the 2006 Heritage Humane Society 5K at Ford’s Colony.

The Patrons have two sons, David and Andy, and five grandchildren, of whom Ann is the oldest. After attending the University of Michigan (same as his father and brother), David moved to Baltimore. At Dulaney High there, Ann was a soccer player only. In college at Frostburg (MD) State University, with the inspiration of her grandmother’s running success, Ann decided to go out for the cross country and track teams her sophomore year. She has been wildly successful, with an indoor track 5,000-meter best of 18:14, a 6K cross country best of 22:45 (ranked 2nd in the CAC), and multiple conference Athlete-of-the-Week honors.

Using the Colonial race just as a workout, Patron ran a time of 20:28 to keep just ahead of Connie Glueck, 47, of Williamsburg (20:37), with New Kent cross country standout Becca Eudailey, 17, of Quinton third (21:03). Patron was 10th overall of 284 finishers in the 5K. She is in her fifth year at Frostburg, and final outdoor season of track eligibility, finishing up her Masters in education in May, after an undergraduate degree (Dec. 2010) in exercise science.

In the Masters (ages 40-and-over) categories, the 5K award winners were Lance Fargo, 45, of Ocean View, DE (20:13), Steve Keir, 43, of Durham, NC (20:33) and Roland Parsons, 60, of Petersburg (20:35) for the men, and Kimberly Votawa, 44, of Virginia Beach (Kevin White’s wife) in 22:55, Elizabeth O’Neil, 52, of Newport News (24:20) and Amanda Deverich, 45, of Williamsburg (24:32).

Besides the top local overall finishers—Adam Otstot (4th, 1:10:33), Andrew Budiansky (7th, 1:12:17), John Piggott (1st Masters, 1:18:28), Jami Brayton (4th woman, 1:32:38), Laura Shannon (5th woman, 1:32:51) and Heather Craddock (1st Masters, 1:40:23)—there were a number of local age group award winners in the featured half marathon—D.J. Moniak (1st, 19-and-under men, 1:19:22), Matthew Keally (2nd, 25-29, 1:21:33), Jack Lovett (2nd, 40-44, 1:23:39), Greg Dawson (3rd, 45-49, 1:25:07), Timothy Collins (2nd, 50-54, 1:28:25), Terry McManus (3rd, 50-54, 1:30:18), Rick Platt (1st, 60-64, 1:37:41), George Neil (2nd, 60-64, 1:40:34) and Joe Day (3rd, 60-64, 1:42:43) for the men. Jacquelyne Chantry (1st, women 20-24, 1:37:44), Amy Speckart (1st, 40-44, 1:43:22), Debbie McLaughlin (2nd, 45-49, 1:43:57), Mary Jo Bailey (3rd, 50-54, 1:50:07), Carol Talley (1st, 55-59, 1:51:07), Brenda Mitchell (2nd, 60-64, 2:16:12) and Patricia Travis (3rd, 60-64, 2:17:08) won awards for the women.

Locals Get High Rankings in the Washington Running Report

By Rick Platt
What two cities had more No.1 age-group rankings in the Washington Running Report’s Runner Rankings “Best of 2011” in their latest March-April 2012 issue? The WRR is published out of the Washington, DC area, and covers road racing in the Maryland-DC-Virginia region. It publishes four seasonal runner rankings for age groups from 19-and-under through 80-and-over, and one combined annual rankings for the entire rankings year, which goes from mid-November of one year to mid-November for the next year.

Not surprisingly, Washington, DC was one of the two cities with three No. 1 age-group rankings for 2011. The other city with three No. 1’s was none other than small Williamsburg and its competitive Colonial Road Runners team, beating out major metropolitan areas like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Arlington, Alexandria and Baltimore.

The three No. 1’s from Williamsburg were John Piggott (men 45-49), Steve Chantry (men 55-59) and Rick Platt (men 60-64), with two of the three (Piggott and Chantry) Lafayette High School assistant coaches.

As written in the WRR, “John Piggott likes any race that has the word ‘marathon’ in it.” The WRR mentioned two marathons and seven half marathons for their rankings purposes, but Piggott actually runs many more long races outside of the Middle Atlantic region, but which don’t count in the rankings. Races the WRR used to justify Piggott’s No. 1 ranking were the Lower Potomac River Marathon (2:44:20), the Lower Potomac River 10 Miler (57:41), the Dismal Swamp Half Marathon (1:15:33), and the Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler (57:49), but the two key races for the “always-smiling Piggott” for his No. 1 ranking were his 1:14:12 for second overall at the Hidden Treasures Half Marathon (good for a 33:40 equivalent for the 10K distance, the best in the 45-49 age group), and his 2:37:27 at the Baltimore Marathon.

For the men’s 55-59 division, the WRR said, “There are four big dogs in this division. Stephen Chantry won the title as well as the first two seasons on the strength of the four fastest 5Ks of the year. His best race was the always fast Governor’s Land 5K in 16:57 [a 10K equivalent of 35:21, best for the age group]. In the spring he ran the Queens Lake 5K in 17:07. The course is not all that flat.” The other three “big dogs” in this age group were Maurice Pointer of Baltimore (with a 60:17 for 10 miles), the CRR’s Pete Gibson of Murfreesboro, NC (with a 28:33 for 8K and a 1:19:39 for the half marathon), and Chuck Moeser of Sterling (with a 35:56 for 10K).

For the men’s 60-64 age group, the WRR reported, “Rick Platt struck first with Governor’s Land 5K in 19:02. In December [2010] he decided he needed more in the bank and took down the division, winning the Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler in 1:04:47 [a 10K equivalent of 38:59, best in the age group]. He continued to race all year with 18 wins but never matched up again with these title-winning efforts.”

Other CRR and area runners in the rankings (including their 10K equivalent times) were Dylan Sydnor (5th, men 19-and-under, 35:30), Mark Tompkins (6th, 35-39, 33:27), Daniel Shaye (13th, 40-44, 35:24), Greg Dawson (10th, 45-49, 35:28), Henry Gleisberg (13th, 50-54, 37:44), Jim Thornton (9th, 55-59, 38:58), Jim Goggin (13th, 55-59, 39:46), Dale Abrahamson (7th, 60-64, 41:24), Joseph Day (11th, 60-64, 42:08), Kenneth Mitchell (3rd, 65-69, 43:21), Ben Dyer (4th, 65-69, 43:53), Robert Wright (3rd, 70-74, 44:34), Winston Collins (4th, 70-74, 45:28), John Essery (6th, 75-79, 56:19) and the late Tom Ray (8th, 75-79, 56:57).

For the women, ranked CRR and area runners were Darcy McDonald (7th, overall women, 35:47), Jennifer Quarles (10th, 35-39, 39:11), Arlyne Spalla Benson (15th, 40-44, 41:16), Pamela Lovett (6th, 45-49, 40:19), Connie Glueck (10th, 45-49, 41:15), Carol Talley (9th, 55-59, 47:41), Rose Crist (12th, 55-59, 48:33), Joan Coven (8th, 65-69, 53:34), Pauline Ely (5th, 70-74, 1:09:18) and Ann Manciagli (3rd, 75-79, 1:12:21).

The March-April issue of the WRR had Colonial Half Marathon race winner Ricky Flynn on the cover, and a feature on the CRR’s Nora O’Malley, a William and Mary student, who combined marathon running with world-class Irish dancing, on her way to a 3:14:02 at last November’s Philadelphia Marathon.