Monday, April 16, 2012

Annual Meeting Update

On Sunday, April 15, the CRR Nominating Committee (Jim Goggin Chairman, Ron Henn, Steve Menzies, Ken Mitchell, Will Murray and Rick Platt) agreed on the 2012-13 slate of CRR Officers:

President Rick Platt

First Vice President Jim Goggin

Second Vice President Will Murray

Treasurer Randy Hawthorne

Secretary Stan Rockwell

Board Member Greg Dawson

Board Member Ron Henn

Board Member Rich Higgins

Board Member Brenda Mitchell

Board Member Ken Mitchell

Board Member Jen Quarles

Board Member Bob Walker

Board Member Jim Winthrop

All CRR members will vote on this slate at our annual meeting, Thursday April 19th at 7 pm. Other CRR business will follow. The meeting will be held at the TPMG Physical Therapy 5424 Discovery Park Boulevard Suite 101 in New Town. At 7:30 pm Tina Shriver will speak on Sports Nutrition, Athletic Performance and Endurance Athletes.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Run the DOG 5K

By Rick Platt

Former William and Mary All-American Sean Graham, 32, of Alexandria, became just the 3rd runner ever to break the 15-minute barrier in a Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix race, winning the 3rd annual Run the D.O.G. [Duke of Gloucester] Street 5K Saturday morning through the streets of Colonial Willamsburg and the campus of William and Mary. The other two who have broken 15 minutes are also past W&M All-Americans--11-time All-American Matt Lane at the Vineyards of Williamsburg 5K, and 4-time All-American Ed Moran, who won the first two Run the DOG races in 14:13 in 2010 (the Virginia state resident 5K record) and 14:38 in 2011.

Former W&M assistant track coach Ryan Murphy was second in 15:39, while W&M law student Alex Grout was third in 16:10.

Breaking the Run the DOG 5K women's record was two-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier Renee High, 30 of Virginia Beach, who was timed in 17:53, breaking the previous record of 18:44 from the 2010 race.

CRR women's Grand Prix champion Karen Terry, 23, of Newport News was second in 18:38, while W&M junior Krissa Loretto, 20, of Williamsburg was third in 19:06. Defending champion Jennifer Quarles, now 40, a 6-time CRR Grand Prix champion, improved her 2011 winning time of 19:19 to a faster 19:15, but placed fourth overall for the women.

Run the D.O.G. [Duke of Gloucester ] Street 5K
Merchants Square, Williamsburg , Virginia
Saturday, April 14, 2012
A Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix Event
Record 691 finishers in the 5K run and walk

Information from Rick Platt (757-229-7375,
** Age group record (5-year age groups)

Men Overall

**1. Sean Graham, 32 Alexandria 14:57

[course record is 14:13 by Ed Moran, 28, Williamsburg in 2010]

2. Ryan Murphy, 26 Richmond 15:39

3. Alex Grout, 25 Williamsburg 16:10

Women Overall

**1. Renee High, 30 Virginia Beach 17:53

[new course record, old record 18:44 by Sarrah Hadiji, 21, Williamsburg in 2010]

**2. Karen Terry, 23 Newport News 18:38

3. Krissa Loretto, 20 Williamsburg 19:06

Men 9-and-under

1. Christopher James, 9 Williamsburg 25:20

2. Matthew Welch, 7 Toano 25:31

3. Jake Sanford, 8 Williamsburg 27:56

Men 10-14

**1. Konrad Steck, 13 Williamsburg 17:42

2. Derrick Bradford, 14 Virginia Beach 19:20

3. Alexander Stauffer, 13 Williamsburg 21:03

Men 15-19

1. Adam Link, 17 Williamsburg 16:12

2. Keith Holleran, 18 Herndon 17:50

3. Tristan Goering, 15 Williamsburg 19:55

Men 20-24

1. Matt Burleson, 22 Newport News 20:47

2. Justin Lubore, 24 Williamsburg 21:24

3. Kenneth Lin, 21 Williamsburg 23:11

Men 25-29

1. Todd Kessler, 29 Newport News 17:30

2. Ryan Doupe, 26 Newport News 18:49

3. Peter Grabowski, 29 Lanexa 19:54

Men 30-34

1. Luis Morillo, 32 Williamsburg 22:01

2. Jason Miller, 34 Williamsburg 22:26

3. Jason Grisso, 34 Newport News 22:35

Men 35-39

1. Marc Milner, 38 Yorktown 19:38

2. Chris Robertson, 39 Williamsburg 19:55

3. Kevin Romberger-DePew, 38 Newport News 19:59

Men 40-44

1. Todd Whetstone, 41 Suffolk 19:50

2. Kristian Ellingsen, 43 Yorktown 21:03

3. Kevin Clauberg, 43 Williamsburg 21:31

Men 45-49

1. Greg Dawson, 46 Williamsburg 17:55

2. Paul Pelletier, 46 Williamsburg 18:40

3. Michael Zikes, 46 Williamsburg 20:39

Men 50-54

1. Dean Wewetzer, 53 Newport News 20:37

2. Robert Keroack, 54 Williamsburg 21:50

3. Paul Freiling, 50 Williamsburg 23:49

Men 55-59

**1. Stephen Chantry, 57 Williamsburg 17:32

2. Jim Thornton, 57 Seaford 18:54

3. William Murray, 56 Williamsburg 20:04

Men 60-64

**1. Rick Platt, 61 Williamsburg 19:44

2. Dale Abrahamson, 62 Yorktown 20:48

3. Peter Sim, 64 Williamsburg 22:57

Men 65-and-over

**1. Langston Shelton, 65 Grafton 20:41

2. Kenneth Mitchell, 67 Williamsburg 22:22

3. Larry Arata, 67 Williamsburg 25:00

Men 70-and-over

1. Richard Sanborn, 77 Williamsburg 45:00

Men Walk

**1. Scott Stakes, 49 Portsmouth 30:12

2. George Fenigsohn, 64 Poquoson 36:37

3. Bob Curtin, 59 Hampton 42:16

Women 9-and-under

1. Lisa Small, 9 Williamsburg 27:30

2. Claire Lombardo, 9 Williamsburg 29:27

3. Abigail Sabo, 9 Williamsburg 30:01

Women 10-14

**1. Hope Bloxom, 14 Yorktown 19:49

2. Jessica Link, 13 Williamsburg 21:37

3. Payton Flores, 13 Williamsburg 21:48

Women 15-19

1. Sara Dimeler, 17 Carrollton 23:31

2. Jessie Verive, 16 Williamsburg 24:18

3. Kayla Schoch, 17 Williamsburg 28:31

Women 20-24

1. Emily Honeycutt, 21 West Point 20:31

2. Emily Horrell, 22 Newport News 20:42

3. Emily Stephens, 22 Williamsburg 21:06

Women 25-29

**1. Megan Moran, 29 Williamsburg 20:30

2. Chloe Malle, 26 Williamsburg 24:52

3. Allison Albert, 29 Williamsburg 25:01

Women 30-34

1. Evie Burnet, 34 Williamsburg 22:31

2. Elisha Sivils, 30 Norfolk 23:23

3. Fran Myers, 31 Williamsburg 23:38

Women 35-39

1. Susan Hagel, 39 Norfolk 21:41

2. Jeanette Primich, 35 Williamsburg 24:07

3. Crystal Davenport, 37 Yorktown 24:14

Women 40-44

**1. Jennifer Quarles, 40 Williamsburg 19:15

2. Ellen Womeldorf, 40 Williamsburg 21:26

3. Charlene Sheets, 41 Williamsburg 26:19

Women 45-49

1. Connie Glueck, 47 Williamsburg 21:09

2. Cory Springer, 46 Williamsburg 23:31

3. Amanda Deverich, 45 Williamsburg 25:04

Women 50-54

**1. Mary Jo Bailey, 51 Williamsburg 22:20

2. Norma Phillips, 51 Williamsburg 24:08

3. Cathleen Rea, 53 Newport News 28:16

Women 55-59

**1. Carol Talley, 57 Toano 23:17

2. Pat O’Bryan, 57 Peoria , IL 24:39

3. Rose Crist, 57 Lanexa 25:34

Women 60-64

1. Louise Sharer, 60 Williamsburg 25:23

2. Brenda Mitchell, 61 Williamsburg 26:29

3. Barbara Biasi, 64 Yorktown 26:59

Women 65-69

1. Ann Hirn, 66 Portsmouth 27:41

2. Patricia Byrne, 65 Falls Church 34:49

3. Carol Shutt, 66 Williamsburg 37:52

Women 70-and-over

**1. Judy Stewart, 72 Williamsburg 32:36

2. Ann Manciagli, 76 Williamsburg 36:31

3. Marilyn Walz Taylor, 70 Arlington 42:28
** Pat Eden, 80 Williamsburg 48:48

[not an age group award winner, but set race women’s 80-and-over record]

Women Walk

1. Sylvia Garcia, 59 Williamsburg 38:06

2. Nancy Barnhart, 61 Williamsburg 40:56

3. Beth McKeeby, 50 Williamsburg 43:19

Friday, April 13, 2012

Annual Meeting and Elections on April 19

Featured Speaker Tina Shiver, on “Sports Nutrition, Athletic Performance and the Endurance Athlete”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. – Colonial Road Runners Annual Elections Meeting

7:30 p.m. – Featured speaker Tina Shiver of TPMG

Location: TPMG Physical Therapy, 5424 Discovery Park Blvd. Suite 101, Williamsburg (New Town), VA 23188. Google map at and below
***Nominations for CRR officers or board members now being accepted by Jim Goggin, Nominating Committee Chairman. Email: . Phone (757-880-3447, cell). Nominations welcome for any officer position or for the CRR board of directors. Officer positions are President, Vice President, Vice President Community Affairs, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, and Treasurer. There are currently six board positions.***

Speaker topics include “How to prepare your body nutritionally during race season; pre-race, during and post-race suggestions for the endurance athlete; nutrition and athletic performance; and sports nutrition and the endurance athlete. Tina Shiver is a registered dietician. Since Tina is planning on bringing food for the attendees, to demonstrate healthy options for runners, it is important that all people planning on being at the meeting confirm their attendance prior to the event with Rick Platt for a head count.

***Email names of those planning on attending the CRR Elections Meeting and Featured Speaker Tina Shiver:

Name(s) attending _____________________________________________________________________

Email to:
Directions: TPMG – Physical Therapy, 5424 Discovery Park Blvd., Suite 101, Williamsburg, VA 23188
TPMG-PT is located at the end of Discovery Park Blvd. in New Town, Williamsburg (turn from Ironbound Road). At the very end of Discovery Park Blvd., turn right into the driveway and drive around to the back parking lot. Please enter TPMG-PT using the far left entrance of the building near the handicapped parking spaces. [Same location as packet pickup for the Yorktown Victory Run 8 Miler in March].

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duke of Gloucester Street Challenge to be held Saturday morning

By Rick Platt

For the third year, the Duke of Gloucester Street Challenge, the 5K race that first gave runners the opportunity to race through the historic streets of Colonial Williamsburg, will be back, following in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson and other notables from our country’s past, with the largest pre-registration yet. As of Tuesday morning, there were 670 entrants in the popular race, with additional entries accepted up until Friday at 6 p.m.

The “Run the D.O.G.”, sponsored and organized by Colonial Sports, and benefiting Avalon, will take place on Saturday, April 14 with a one mile fun run starting things off at 7:00 a.m., followed by the main attraction, the 5K run/walk at 7:30 a.m. In its first two years, the Colonial Road Runners Grand Prix series race has already generated its own history. Williamsburg’s Olympic hopeful, Ed Moran, a four-time All-American while an undergrad at William and Mary, broke the Virginia state resident record for the 5K (3.1 miles) distance in 2010, a 14:13 that erased the previous mark of 14:18 by Mark Donahue at the 1996 Busch Gardens Drachen Fire 5K Run. Moran returned last year to successfully defend his title with a time of 14:38, with four runners breaking the 15:30 barrier (five-minute pace per mile).

To enter, runners and walkers can pick up entry forms from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and enter at Colonial Sports at 513 Prince George Street , or they can sign up on-line at until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday evening. The entry form can also be downloaded from Packet pickup and final registration will take place from 12 noon to 6:00 p.m. Friday, April 13th at Colonial Sports. There will be no race day registration this year for either the 5K or 1 mile.

For the men, last year’s third-place finisher (15:23), Alex Grout, 25, of Williamsburg, a third-year W&M law student, will be returning as one of the favorites. Grout has been running a lot on the track this year, after touring the roads last fall. On the roads he ran a 5K in 15:28, had a 24:58 for the Richmond 8K in November, and a 31:46 Thanksgiving Day 10K. Indoors in 2012 saw a 4:13 mile, 1:56 for the 800 meters, and 8:23 for the 3,000 meters. Former W&M assistant coach and former Colonial Sports employee Ryan Murphy, now living in Richmond, is also a race favorite, off his 32:22 at the recent Monument Avenue 10K.

The women’s favorite is Karen Terry of Newport News , the 2011 CRR Grand Prix women’s champion, who ran a PR 17:53 last year for the 5K. Lafayette High distance coach Steve Chantry highlights the Masters over-40 competition. There is a total of $700 in prize money, $200-100-50 for the top three men and women. Jennifer Quarles won last year in 19:19.

But the race is much more than just for the elite runners. Race director Jim Elder of Colonial Sports points out that all participants (including the fun run) will get a technical shirt, with women having the option of a female cut for their shirts. The fun run will be started by Bubbles the Clown. There will be loads of door prizes. There will be a large contingent of youth runners from area schools, and kids get their own race “goody bag.” All participants receive a finisher medallion.

There will also be a wedding theme this year, as Elisha Sivils is getting married in Williamsburg Saturday afternoon, and her wedding party is going to run the 5K race in the morning.

The certified 5K race course starts on Prince George Street, winds through the William and Mary campus (via James Blair Drive), and then up Scotland Streeet, around the Governor’s Palace, up Nicholson Street and around the Capitol Building, and then finishes the final half mile on Duke of Gloucester Street. The finish is at the intersection of Duke of Gloucester Street and Nassau Street . The one mile is held entirely on Duke of Gloucester Street, an ideal course for runners and walkers of all ages.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Colonial Relays Are April 5-7

By Rick Platt
The 47th annual Colonial Relays track meet will conclude at 6 p.m. Saturday at Zable Stadium, a three-day event featuring 50 college teams and team scoring for men and women, selected feature high school events, and participation by invitation for unattached, post-collegiate athletes, including past William and Mary greats. Events will take place at the W&M track, as well as at the nearby Dan Stimson Throwing Field.

All track events, from 100 meters to 10,000 meters, all relays from the 4 x 100-meter to the 4 x 1,500- meter, hurdles, steeplechase, and all field events will be held. The high school events will be limited to the mile, 3,000 meters, 4 x 800-meter, 4 x 400-meter and distance medley relays, and pole vault. Selected events this year will be webcast live on TribeAthletics.TV. Check for details.

W&M had a tune-up for the Colonial Relays, the Tribe Invitational, March 23-24 at Zable Stadium. Under warm conditions Friday evening, W&M’s four-time All-American and Olympic hopeful Ed Moran, 30, set the pace (4:45 per mile) the entire race in the 10,000 meters to lead two W&M athletes to NCAA regional qualifying times—sophomore Josh Hardin, first in 29:28.07 (No. 8 all-time for W&M), and junior Alex McGrath, third in 29:51.31. The Saturday events for the Tribe Invitational were hampered by heavy afternoon rain, which cancelled some of the races. Highlights included a second by Katie Buenaga (4:36.94), a third by Michelle Britto (4:38.45) and a win by David Gunnerson (3:58.17) in the 1,500 meters. W&M law student Alex Grout ran an 8:44.38 in the rain in the 3,000 meters, with Jamestown High grad Joshua Schlickenmeyer (competing for George Mason) second in 9:18.25. W&M’s Natalie Baird won the discus in 149-2, to go with a 154-7 in the hammer throw and a 42-2 ¾ in the shot put. Ben Katz took the long jump at 22-10. Lynnie Bresnahan (37-2 ¼) and Grace Oxley (36-6 ¾) both made the all-time top ten list for W&M in the triple jump. Also top 10 W&M all-time were freshman Sydnee Pierce in the women’s 100 meters (12.60) and Maggie Gutierrez in the 400 meters (57.97).

A week later, at the Fred Hardy Invitational in Richmond, Elizabeth Crafford set the W&M freshman record in the pole vault, winning in 12 feet, 5 1/2 inches, with teammate Nicole Dory second at 12-1 ½. Katz high jumped 6-4 ¾ and long jumped 22-9 ¾. Baird improved to 151-8 in the discus to win that event. Another win came from Britto, 2:14.07 in the 800 meters, with Buenaga second in 2:14.70. Gunnerson had a 1:53.77 in the 800 meters. The 3,000 meters had Jess Cygan second in 10:02.85 and Lauren Strapp third in 10:03.73. Will Bass ran 8:32.17 in the 3,000.

W&M showed their outdoor track potential indoors in early March with many outstanding performances at the IC4A (men) and ECAC (women) championships in Boston . Earning All-East honors for the men were Josh Hardin (1st, 5,000 meters, 14:04.12, #4 all-time for W&M), Alex McGrath (2nd, 5,000 meters, 14:07.65, and 4th, 3,000 meters, 8:10.44), Rad Gunzenhauser (5th, 3,000 meters, 8:10.64) and Chris Tyson (3rd, mile, 4:06.57). For the women, All-East were Christina Lee (7th, 2:52.47, No. 4 all-time for W&M) and Katie Buenaga (8th, 2:56.22, after a PR 2:51.83, No. 2 all-time for W&M in the heats) in the 1,000 meters, Elaina Balouris (8th, 5,000 meters, 17:11.46) and the 4 x 800-meter relay team of Maggie Gutierrez, Olivia Harding, Buenaga and Michelle Britto (7th, 9:11.16).

As a team the W&M men were fifth place with 33 points in the IC4As, their best since 2000. The women tied for 36th place in the ECACs. Although not scoring, good performances also came from Ben Katz in the long jump (22-8), Gunnerson in the 1,000 meters (2:28.14), Gunzenhauser (14:20.17) and Tom Burke (14:29.10) in the 5,000, and Heather Beichner (9:52.43) in the 3,000.
Find out more at

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Swamp and Victory Runs - The First Two Races of 2012

Recaps of the first two CRR Grand Prix races of 2012
by Rick Platt

Swamp Run

Hard to believe, but Jennifer Quarles, the dominant force in women’s running for Colonial Road Runners races the past decade, with six CRR Grand Prix overall women’s titles and a runner-up finish last year, has turned 40. Quarles had her 40th birthday on Tuesday, March 6, becoming a “Masters” (ages 40-and-over) runner, and celebrated four days later with a win in the 11th annual Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K.

The first CRR Grand Prix race of 2012 had 191 finishers in the 5K run/walk, and 26 finishers in the one mile fun run/walk. Ongoing construction around the ball fields at Jamestown HS, along with recent rains, created a muddy quagmire along the final stretch of the traditional course, necessitating a course change for the final half mile. Instead of finishing on the track, the final stretch of the race was rerouted up the bike path near the Eagle Way entrance, and finished in the bus parking lot to the side of the school. The first 2 ½ miles of the course was exactly the same as in previous years, including the Greensprings Trail, and the scenic long wooden bridge through marshland.

Quarles was timed in 19:31, a race 40-44 age group record, and her fastest time at the Swamp Run in six years. Quarles now owns three age-group records at Jamestown, for women 30-34 (an 18:52 in 2006), women 35-39 (a 19:38 in 2007), and the 40-44 mark. The previous 40-44 record was by Jamestown parent Laura Shannon, who ran 20:19 in 2007. Quarles was runner-up by four seconds last year (in 19:40), won the race in 2010 (20:08) and was also runner-up in 2009 (19:55).

Quarles’s final race before turning 40 was her first ultramarathon, the Uwharrie 40 Miler at the Uwharrie National Forest in Asheboro, NC the first weekend in February. At Jamestown Quarles won by just under a minute, 19:31 to 20:24, over another Jamestown parent, Connie Glueck, 47, of Williamsburg (20:24), with Lafayette High senior and distance star Heidi Peterson, 18, third overall in 21:01.

For the men, Lafayette distance star Kurtis Steck, 17, won in 16:58, after finishing third in 2010 in 17:10.4 and runner-up in 2009 at age 14 with an 18:01. Trailing Steck were Morgan Goetschel, 22, of Terre Haute, IN (17:30), visiting his brother in Norfolk, and 2011 CRR Grand Prix runner-up, Daniel Shaye, 42, of Williamsburg (17:43).

Other Swamp Run age group records were broken by Rick Platt (men 60-64, 19:52), with the top two in that age group under the previous record of 20:54 by Robert Wright of Hampton; Joan Coven, 70, of West Point (women 70-74, 25:44) and Ann Manciagli, 76, of Williamsburg (women 75-79, 36:31).

The Swamp Run annually showcases future Lafayette High distance stars. Steck had set the 14-and-under race record in 2009 with his 18:01. The next year Simon Watrous broke Steck’s 14-and-under record with a time of 17:51. And this year two Rams went 1-2 in the 14-and-under age category, James Hart, 14 (7th overall, 18:00) and Kurtis’s younger brother Konrad Steck, 13, an eighth grader (11th overall, 18:30). As a freshman last fall, Hart did not crack the top seven for Lafayette cross country, but in indoor track he went to the state meet as an alternate in the 4 x 800-meter relay, ran a 4:48 for the 1,600 meters, and was named the Outstanding Freshman for indoor track at the recent Lafayette athletic banquet.

Other top Williamsburg high school runners at the Swamp Run were D.J. Moniak, 17, a Jamestown senior (4th overall, 17:53), Scott Gemmell-Davis, 18, a Lafayette senior (5th overall, 17:55), Brian McManus, 16, a Lafayette sophomore (12th overall, 18:33) and Ben Wahls, 16, a Lafayette sophomore (13th overall, 18:38).

The race was again organized by and benefited the Jamestown High School Athletic Boosters Club, with co-race directors Jim Winthrop and Barb Buehrle.

Yorktwon Victory Run

Since the Yorktown Victory Run 8 Miler was revived by the Colonial Road Runners in 2005, only one time had a woman run faster than 53:40, the course record of 50:39 set by Williamsburg’s Jennifer Quarles in 2006. Quarles had also won the YVR race in 2005 (54:15), 2007 (53:46) and 2009 (53:41). This past Saturday, with 241 finishers in the popular race that traverses a scenic course from Newport News Park to the Yorktown Victory Monument, Quarles was part of the fastest women’s field in YVR race history, but her 53:18 (the fourth fastest women’s time as a CRR Grand Prix event) was only good for third overall.

The race was a Peninsula Track Club event from 1976 (as a Bicentennial event) until 1990, when it was discontinued, due to the complexities of dealing with three jurisdictions (Newport News Park, York County and the National Park Service) and a point-to-point course. Daniel Shaye, vice president of the CRR, resurrected the race in 2005, and since 2006, it has been organized to perfection by the College of William and Mary Mason School of Business as a class project to teach the MBA students how to plan a detailed event. Last year’s race director Ed Moran, a world-class distance runner and Olympic Trials hopeful in the 10,000 meters, was succeeded this year by Lisa Altice of the MBA school. The event continues to benefit Kidz’n Grief, which provides grief support for children aged 3-18 who have lost a loved one to death.

Breaking the YVR course record was two-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier Renee High, 30, of Virginia Beach, whose 50:04 was 35 seconds faster than the previous course record. Karen Terry, 23, of Newport News, the 2011 CRR Grand Prix champion, was runner-up in 51:47, while six-time CRR Grand Prix champion Quarles, 40, was another 1 ½ minutes back with her 53:18. All three set race age-group records, with Quarles erasing the previous women’s 40-44 mark by Laura Shannon of Williamsburg (54:25 in 2007). Two weeks earlier, Quarles had won the Jamestown High School Swamp Run 5K (the first CRR Grand Prix race of 2012) in 19:31, also taking down a 40-44 age group record by Shannon (20:19 in 2007).

High won the 2006 Shamrock Marathon in 2:45:40, and improved that marathon PR to 2:45:28 at Chicago in 2010, both Olympic Trials Marathon qualifiers. She has a 1:17:48 PR from the 2010 Chicago Half Marathon, ran 1:18:02 at the 2010 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half (as the first American), and had a 1:18:52 at the 2009 Shamrock Half (fifth overall). She also won the CRR’s 2010 Icelandic Seafood Fest 8K in 29:30.

In contrast, men’s winner John Piggott, 46, of Williamsburg had the slowest men’s winning time for the eighth annual event, winning in 46:38, followed by two Ocean Lakes High School runners from Virginia Beach—John Will, 16 (47:09) and David Harrison, 18 (47:32). The men’s course record is 43:05 by Derrin Pierret, then 24 of Williamsburg in 2009. The previous slowest winning time was a 45:54 in 2008. Piggott had a good reason for his slow time, though, as he twisted his ankle on a section of the Swamp Bridge trail around 1 ½ miles, was seen limping at the awards ceremony, and had a swollen ankle the next day. This past month, Piggott has been his usual busy racing self, placing fifth overall in the Little Rock (AR) Marathon on March 4 (2:41), placing third overall in the Lower Potomac Marathon on March 11 (2:42), running a fast time at the Shamrock 8K on March 17 (27:19), followed the next day by an 8th-place overall 1:16:02 at the Tobacco Road Half Marathon (NC).

Piggott did break the race age group record for men 45-49, the previous mark 48:18 by Jim Bates in 2005. One other men’s age-group mark was broken—Williamsburg’s Rick Platt for men 60-64 with his 53:47, just 11 seconds under the previous mark of 53:58 by Grafton’s Langston Shelton in 2009. For the women, besides the top three of High, Terry and Quarles, Nicole Park, 16, of Virginia Beach broke her own 15-19 age group mark, improving from 56:59 to 56:16, and placing fourth overall.

Fifth overall for the women was Megan Moran, 29, of Wiliamsburg (Ed Moran’s wife) in 57:20. Just missing an age group mark was Carol Talley, 57, of Toano, whose 1:05:20 missed Linda Whittaker’s 55-59 age group record of 2008 by just three seconds.